e-Journal October 2018


Cover: Robert Habeck
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3 Legal Notice
4 Editorial
5 News

  • FuelCon turns Japanese
    lansee shuts down fuel cell division
    russels passes RED II

7 Trade Shows

  • NOW turns 10 years old
  • 22nd World Hydrogen Energy Conference
  • H2Congress shows China widens gap

14 Energy Storage
Interview with Robert Habeck
Green gas from abroad?
CO2 proves a valuable resource

24 Electric Transportation
MovR for the last part of the route
Fuel cells and batteries to replace diesel
Powerful and highly adaptable
Production of Hyundai-powered Audi cars in 2020
50th hydrogen station goes to Potsdam

30 Research & Development
Bioanodes no longer just a vision
Microbial fuel cells have potential
Biocatalysts produce methane from CO2 and H2
The heart that beats in every PEMFC

42 Stock Market

46 Product News

47 Global Market
Third CHFCE in Beijing
U.S. Army could accelerate market readiness
France invests in a hydrogen future
India’s energy hunger

54 Events
Discounts and Tickets

55 Business Directory