October 2020

Fuel cell stocks on the move



Fuel cell stocks on the move

Every day, more and more encouraging stories are popping up on news tickers, saying that companies, cities, towns and entire unions of countries, such as the EU, want to step on the gas in terms of climate action, with hydrogen definitely playing a crucial role in their efforts. While people are still sparring over what … Read

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Nikola Motors – Hefty price drop after profit-taking

A temporary jump in Nikola’s market cap to over USD 25 billion and a stock price topping USD 70 – on one day, even USD 90 – were quite the start. And yet, I stayed on the sidelines, which turned out to be the right thing to do. … Read more

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Did Robinhood investors push Tesla?

What for ups and downs Tesla has seen. High-volume trading each day prior to the 5-1 split pushed the price to more than USD 2,200 – at the beginning of this year, it was below USD 400. A USD 420 billion market cap for what exactly? … Read more

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FuelCell Energy – Potential to catch up

FuelCell Energy [Nasdaq: FCEL] has finally closed the chapter on its partnership with Posco. It seemed like a story with no winner. While FuelCell Energy said that Posco did too little with the fuel cell technology it licensed from the manufacturer, Posco stated that it lost around USD 800 million because of the companies’ joint venture. … Read more

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Bloom Energy – Explosive news from South Korea?

Bloom Energy performed strongly in recent months, rising from USD 10 to over USD 19 until it was time for profit-taking. As expected, the stock is beginning to catch up to other fuel cell shares. Plus, Bloom [NYSE: BE] has formed a joint venture with Samsung Heavy Industries to come up with SOFC solutions for … Read more

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Plug Power buys Giner ELX and United Hydrogen

Plug Power stock is resilient. On the plus side, Plug [Nasdaq: PLUG] completed its USD 123 million acquisition of Giner ELX and United. It will allow the company to not only produce hydrogen but also start making electrolyzers. As I often noted, this kind of deal would be needed for an upward trend in Plug’s … Read more

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Ballard and the ingredients to a perfect success story

Recent high volumes of trading saw Ballard Power stock shoot past USD 21 at one point. Subsequent profit-taking then caused the price to fall again. I would say this kind of correction is not unusual during an upward trend and gives investors another opportunity to (re)purchase shares. … Read more

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Europe’s Green Hydrogen Deal

On June 8, the EU followed Germany’s example by announcing a hydrogen strategy. The European Commission even published two road maps, one for energy systems integration and another for clean hydrogen as part of the NextGenerationEU stimulus package and the European Green Deal. … Read more

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New management, new direction

The quiet life is over. That much is clear, even to the German hydrogen and fuel cell association DWV. Growing interest in hydrogen and fuel cells has some wanting to turn the organization into a powerful industrial body. … Read more

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Mathias Bode leaves Horiba

Mathias Bode, FuelCon and Sensotech’s longtime chief executive, has decided to change careers. An automation technician by trade, he is now working for Aquin & Cie., a privately owned consultancy that specializes in mergers and acquisitions, mainly in the industrial automation, automotive testing and electric vehicle markets. Bode founded Sensotech in 1990 and FuelCon in … Read more

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IfW laments ‘one-sided incentive policy favoring electric vehicles’

The IfW World Economy Institute Kiel has criticized the German government‘s Covid-19 stimulus package, saying some elements of it are “harmful.” A mid-August IfW analysis titled “Incentive boom thanks to Covid-19?” found that the “one-sided, massive incentivization of all-electric vehicles” is pushing other car markets to the sidelines. Its authors suggest eliminating EUR 4.4 billion … Read more

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National Hydrogen Council launched

The National Hydrogen Council is a vital element of the German hydrogen strategy published in June and comprises 26 representatives for industry, academia and civil society. … Read more

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Articles of the new H2-international issue – October 2020

  • Fuel cell stocks on the move
  • Plug Power buys Giner ELX and United Hydrogen
  • FuelCell Energy – Potential to catch up
  • Bloom Energy – Explosive news from South Korea?
  • Ballard and the ingredients to a perfect success story                   
  • Nikola Motors – Hefty price drop after profit-taking
  • Did Robinhood investors push Tesla?
  • Europe’s Green Hydrogen Deal
  • National Hydrogen Council launched
  • Mathias Bode leaves Horiba
  • IfW laments ‘one-sided incentive policy‘
  • DWV to create executive committee






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