June 2021

The time to transform the gas networks is now


The time to transform the gas networks is now

Interview with Gerald Linke, DVGW chairman The German gas and water industries association DVGW has for some time been increasing its efforts in relation to hydrogen. In early 2018, it entered into initial negotiations with the German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, DWV, with the aim of intensifying the cooperation between the two organizations. At … Read more

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First underground hydrogen store takes shape

Work on hydrogen test cavern gets underway in Rüdersdorf Climate change is already in full swing, and it is this reality that makes innovative leaps forward in new technologies absolutely crucial. An important step toward creating a sustainable and environmentally responsible energy system is the development of a hydrogen economy. In the German municipality of … Read more

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Hydrogen in National Energy and Climate Plans

Opportunities from the inclusion of hydrogen in NECPs Ambitious energy and climate policy requires a determined, holistic and coordinated approach and implementation. The National Energy and Climate Plans, NECPs, represent the key mechanism for reporting on future policy between European Union member states and the European Commission in a consistent way. They are used by … Read more

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This is the cure, not the treatment

“Who cares if H2 production is inefficient? Free is still free!” Mike Strizki is more than infatuated with hydrogen. He’s dedicated to it, saying he has a lifelong commitment to the most plentiful element on Earth – that it is essential to bringing about zero emissions. And allowing his eight grandchildren to live healthier and … Read more

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Hydrogen to ensure clean future at Lake Constance

Hydrogen Regions, Part IV: HyExpert project – HyAllgäu Before the start of the HyExperts study, the plethora of ideas surrounding hydrogen development in the Allgäu region near Lake Constance resembled a thread with many loose ends. But now thanks to the HyExperts funding program, backed by the German transport ministry and overseen by NOW, it’s … Read more

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BioLPG ready for the off

Equal pegging for bioLPG and renewables in newbuilds Liquefied petroleum gas derived from biomaterials has been legally recognized as a green compliance option in the German heating sector for over two years. Also known as biopropane, bioLPG could play a vital future role particularly in rural areas. What’s more, there are also many pilot projects … Read more

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New hydrogen technology course

Bavarian university gets hydrogen experts on board The mechanical engineering faculty at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt, FHWS, is taking action to address the energy transition by developing a new hydrogen technology course. The move comes amid Bavaria’s drive to accelerate regional development through its Hightech Agenda program which is channeling investment into clean … Read more

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Hydrogen from offshore wind

Hydrogen production in the Polish Baltic Sea On Jan. 15, 2021, the second chamber of the Polish Senate passed a bill designed to facilitate the development of offshore wind power in the Polish area of the Baltic Sea. Once the bill is signed by the president of Poland it will be able to enter the … Read more

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Cold chamber for hydrogen truck tanks

In February 2021, JA-Gastechnology, also known as JAG, shipped a permeation climatic chamber to a U.S. commercial vehicle manufacturer. Based in Burgwedel, Germany, JAG reported that it is the “world’s biggest climatic chamber for hydrogen trucks,” capable of carrying out pressure cycling tests and permeation measurements. With an internal diameter of 10 feet (3 meters), … Read more

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Element Eins and Hybridge stopped

Two prominent power-to-gas proposals – Hybridge and Element Eins – have received a rejection from Germany’s Federal Network Agency. The network operators Amprion and TenneT had hoped for an easing of regulations as part of the national hydrogen strategy (see H2-international, August 2020). However, the companies have now suffered a setback in a tussle that … Read more

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Coordination Office for Hydrogen opens

Although Germany’s Coordination Office for Hydrogen officially launched at the end of last year, at that time it was not yet clear who would be working there or where it would be based. Premises are now due to be acquired in April, with central Berlin earmarked as the location. Taking up the leadership role is … Read more

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Come on!

When the Club of Rome’s first book was published in 1972 it caused quite a stir. A report on the state of humanity, “The Limits to Growth” was penned by Donella and Dennis Meadows, two scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT in the U.S. Even back then, the two authors were able to … Read more

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Articles of the new H2-international issue – May 2021


  • 2nd round of HyLand competition kicks off
  • The industrial sector hits on hydrogen
  • Wait continues for hydrogen heating
  • Hydrogen neighborhoods in the making
  • Self-sufficiency solutions get ready for market
  • A bumpy ride
  • Weichai – China’s largest diesel manufacturer on the fuel cell
  • Plug Power – positioning under way but analysts disunited
  • Ballard Power – new bought deal grosses over USD 550 million
  • Nikola Motors – uncertainty is waning
  • FuelCell Energy – business valued too high
  • Bloom – 25 percent corporate growth in sight
  • Tesla in grip of Bitcoin fever





  • World Hydrogen Technologies Convention WHTC, together with f-cell + HFC, June 20 to 24, 2021,
  • f-cell, September 14 to 15, digital & live in Stuttgart, Germany,

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Online Conference for Electric Mobility

Industry and research are working diligently on the mobility of tomorrow. Powertrains will have an increasing amount of electric and electronic components, and the technology requirements are rising quickly. Exchange ideas with international experts from leading companies and institutes. Catch up on the latest research results and insights into industrial practice at E-MOTIVE by FVA – THE platform for international e-mobility professionals.

Looking forward to meeting you online: 21-23 September 2021.

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The smarter E Europe — Green Hydrogen Conference

The expectations of hydrogen as an energy carrier are high: it is considered the key and “facilitator” for a climate-friendly economic system and is intended to promote decarbonisation in many important areas, from industrial processes to transport to the electricity and heating sector. These expectations can only be met if the hydrogen economy is consistently and closely connected with the renewable energy sector.

The makers of The smarter E Europe, the Innovation Hub for New Energy Solutions, provide the right stage for this. At the Green Hydrogen Conference the leading international players from both worlds will come together and exchange ideas.

Be there digitally on July 20, 2021!