e-Journal October 2020

Trash truck runs on hydrogen [Source: Faun]

3 Legal Notice

4 Editorial

5 News
Mathias Bode leaves Horiba
IfW laments ‘one-sided incentives’
And what about e-fuels?
New research center

7 Opinion
Webinar? Conference?
DWV: New management, new direction

10 Politics
National Hydrogen Council launched
Interview with Innovation Commissioner Stefan Kaufmann
Europe’s Green Hydrogen Deal

16 Energy storage
Hydrogen breakthrough in steelmaking
How to speed up the energy market transformation
Green hydrogen for industry
Hydrogen on Wadden Islands
eFarm project started in Bosbüll
LOHC – Hydrogen transport made easy
Clean hydrogen on demand

31 Electric transportation
Fuel cells to lower emissions from trucks
Hyzon partners with Holthausen
A quiet, clean way to waste collection
Nikola – a hydrogen-powered Tesla
Where conversion is king

47 Research & development
Specialty metals for water electrolysis
Hydrogen-compatible polymers

53 Stocks

58 Education
CIRO introduces fuel cells to students

60 Events

61 Business directory