November 2020

Hydrogen breakthrough in steelmaking



Nikola – a hydrogen-powered Tesla

US manufacturer Nikola is the company currently making the most waves in the nascent hydrogen market, emerging as another success story similar to Tesla‘s. Its critics, however, consider the Phoenix-based would-be truck maker to be just as overrated as its competitor from Fremont, as it has yet to deliver on most of its promises. … Read

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Quantron wants complete transformation

Like Clean Logistics in northern Germany, Quantron, headquartered in Gersthofen near Augsburg in the south of the country, is planning to convert diesel trucks to run on fuel cells. Founded by Andreas Haller last summer, the business presented a fuel cell truck concept this June before revealing more details about the vehicle at a press … Read

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German fuel cell research lags behind

In summer, the German government published its national hydrogen strategy, drafted with input from several federal ministries. An example of this intergovernmental collaboration was education minister Anja Karliczek’s idea for creating the post of Green Hydrogen Innovation Commissioner, to ensure that the strategy’s ambitious aims lead to swift action, her ministry said. H2-international spoke with … Read more

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eFarm project started in Bosbüll

To get eFarm underway, German transportation minister Andreas Scheuer and many of the project’s partners came to Bosbüll on July 7 despite dreary weather. “Germany’s largest hydrogen transportation project,” as GP Joule calls it, involves building two fueling stations, two fuel cell buses, seven tanks to deliver gas by truck, and five 225-kilowatt electrolyzers, each … Read more

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Hydrogen on Wadden Islands

Hydrogen is considered crucial to transforming the energy market, especially in the northern parts of Germany and the Netherlands with their growing number of clean energy systems. On two North Sea islands, INTERREG project H2Watt is now investigating the opportunities that a hydrogen infrastructure can provide before it will put ideas into practice. Where will … Read more

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Green hydrogen for industry

Sandwiched between the North and Baltic seas, Schleswig-Holstein is considered to have great potential for generating clean wind energy. Boasting an installed turbine capacity of around 6.7 gigawatts onshore and 1.8 gigawatts offshore, and a nearly 37 percent renewable energy share in total final consumption (122 percent in gross electricity use), Germany’s northernmost state is … Read more

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Clean hydrogen on demand

A few years ago, research at Dresden-based Fraunhofer IFAM’s Hydrogen Technologies department led to the development of a paste-like substance that can provide on-demand energy under well-controllable conditions for multiple kinds of fuel cell applications. In partnership with businesses and other research institutes, IFAM has since launched several projects to demonstrate that this substance called … Read more

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LOHC – Hydrogen transport made easy

How to use hydrogen, not oil, to power the economy To achieve climate neutrality by 2050, Germany will need low-emission – if not zero-emission – solutions for transportation and industry. As part of a Kopernikus initiative called P2X, researchers are developing ways to safely store hydrogen in containers in atmospheric conditions. They use liquid organic … Read more

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Hydrogen breakthrough in steelmaking

Reducing global emissions by 7 percent A new, revolutionary process developed by the Swedish steel industry could be a viable and competitive way to use hydrogen to displace coal and other fossil fuels in steelmaking. It would lower the carbon footprint of 1 ton of steel from 1.8 tons of CO2 to 25 kilograms. … Read

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Webinar? Conference?

How I miss those face-to-face events. The hustle and bustle in the hallways, the in-person conversations, and, of course, the latest news coverage. And now? No networking, no rumors. All of this makes it quite difficult to gauge the mood in the industry, shifts in companies’ market positions and the outlook for the year ahead. … Read more

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And what about e-fuels?

How important synthetic fuels, also known as e-fuels, will be in a future energy system is a question many are hotly debating these days. The answer, of course, depends on whom you ask and whom they represent. To bring some facts to the table, energy institute ifeu recently conducted a study for German environment agency … Read more

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European Hydrogen Week – 23 to 27 November 2020

To match the unprecedented interest in hydrogen and fuel cells technologies, and mark the adoption of the EU Hydrogen Strategy in July, we are pleased to announce the first edition of the European Hydrogen Week. This entire week of events from 23 to 27 November 2020 will be dedicated to the essential role of hydrogen in reaching EU’s commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

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Articles of the new H2-international issue – October 2020

  • Fuel cells to lower emissions from trucks
  • A mass market for fuel cell trucks by 2025
  • A quiet, clean way to waste collection
  • How to speed up the energy market transformation
  • VDMA study analyzes fuel cell vehicle market
  • Feeling like a pioneer
  • Are iridium and platinum critical materials?
  • Hydrogen-compatible polymers
  • New class on hydrogen at German secondary school
  • New research center in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania
  • New DLR institutes in northern Germany






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Project Manager for renewable hydrogen and P2X projects

Imagine a future where you play a pivotal role in delivering on Europe’s fastest growing energy company’s ambition to create a business within renewable hydrogen

Join us in this role where you’ll play a key part in developing and executing projects involving installation of water electrolysis and P2X plants, often integrated into our customers’ production facilities. The Hydrogen department is an integral part of our offshore wind business unit, and you’ll be managing hydrogen projects from project development through concept selection, engineering, tendering, construction, and commissioning. You’ll be working on several projects in different stages of maturity.



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Fuels of the Future 2021

The 18th International Congress “Fuels of the Future 2021” is the leading event of the European biofuels industry. 2021 for the first time digitally with a total of 15 sessions and more than 60 speakers. The aim is to provide participants with a current state of affairs on the diverse legislative initiatives and to discuss corresponding recommendations for action and present current market developments in renewable mobility.

The congress takes place as 5-day event of 18 – 22 January 2021.
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