e-Journal February 2021


Here you will find all previous H2-international issues since 2015, which you can download as a PDF file, print out and read in peace at home or in the office – free of charge.

In the HZwei archive you will also find the german issues from 2006 to 2014.

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4 Editorial
5 News

  • Angelika Heinzel retires from ZBT
  • DLR’s new leader
  • kraftwerk is back
  • Cummins to start production in
  • Herten
  • DWV becomes industry association

    9 Trade shows and conferences
    What’s (not) hot at HOC, H2.0 and WindEnergy
    Hybrid event marks f-cell’s 20th anniversary

    12 Politics
    Political leaders just love hydrogen
    EEG to “jump-start a green hydrogen economy”
    Interview with Katherina Reiche, National Hydrogen Council
    Interview with NOW chief executive K.-C. von Knobelsdorff
    Comparing national policies

    25 Electric transportation
    Airbus wants fuel cell planes by 2035

    30 Energy storage
    Hydrogen Regions, Part III: HyExperts in Emsland

    32 Research & development
    Pyro-catalytic hydrogen production
    Fuel cell stack monitoring
    The growing importance of nickel, tin and copper
    Breakthroughs in bipolar plate development
    Natural hydrogen

    43 Stocks

    48 Market
    Future accounting calculates sustainability

    51 World
    The cost of clean hydrogen-generated electricity
    H2 projects in Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal and France
    What’s up in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Russia
    The go-to resource for all things fuel cells & hydrogen

    58 Business directory

    62 Events