e-Journal May 2022

Here you will find all previous H2-international issues since 2015, which you can download as a PDF file, print out and read in peace at home or in the office – free of charge.

In the HZwei archive you will also find the german issues from 2006 to 2014.

3 Editorial
4 Contents
6 News

  • Wilhelm moves to the DVGW
  • Alina Hain becomes NOW COO
  • Füllenbach replaces Pichler
  • NWS gets a navigation post
  • H2 and LNG terminal in
  • Wilhelmshaven
  • Hydrogen from landfill gas
  • FC factory for Herten
  • Plug Power expands to Europe
  • Hydrogen poster competition

9 Trade fairs and conferences

Commentary on the changing face of the events sector
Back in hall 13 for Hannover Messe
Commentary on the Handelsblatt Energy Summit

13 Building energy

Is the gas sector really H2-ready?

16 Energy storage

Disproportionate growth required
Energy requirement down, production volume up
Grid-serving electrolyzers for surer supply
Water need for a green H2 economy
Pure hydrogen from seawater
Green H2 reduces CO2 footprint of refineries
Across the sea with ammonia
Hydrogen Regions series: living lab – hydrogen storage power plant in Schwarze Pumpe

32 Electromobility

Car and oil companies advertise for e-fuels
Guest opinion: Dispelling the e-fuels myth
Guest opinion: Need for e-fuels a long way off
Guest opinion: Green hydrogen and e-fuels a re indispensable!
VDI/VDE study on sustainable commercial vehicles
EKPO sets the pace in automated stack production
Fuel cell powertrains now an option for large ships

46 Development

News on the H2 regulations by the DVGW
Photochemical hydrogen generation
Hydrogen recycling at DHBW Mannheim

52 Market

H2 profits from the crisis
Ballard Power – Think outside the box!
Bloom Energy – Growth rate accelerates
Nikola Motors – The outlook keeps looking better
Hyzon Motors – Truck orders coming from Saudi Arabia?
Cummins Energy heavily set on the fuel cell
Siemens Energy – Still in the valley of tears
FuelCell Energy – Legal dispute with Posco mutually ended
Plug Power – In the profit zone with H2 production

61 Product news

High-pressure valves for H2 stations
Valve technology for the electrolysis sector


Hydrogen imports from the East

63 Business directory

68 Events / Legal Notice