April 2019


Fuel Cell Market: More Dynamism, More Momentum

Following a short-term dip, the stock of Canadian fuel cell manufacturer Ballard Power (Nasdaq: BLDP) went on to rebound in a big way, shooting up daily. A good sign. While the company didn’t ink any major deals, it signed several framework agreements and received multiple letters of intent. It also tried to branch out, getting … Read

pictureHydrogenics – Air Liquide Joins In

For me, the new year started off with a bang: While hydrogen and fuel cells had rarely been discussed at the many energy conferences held in past years, power-to-gas, electrolyzers and fuel cells are quickly seizing the spotlight these days. It’s very good news for technology suppliers listed on the stock exchange, especially for those … Read more

picture Tesla – Executive Exodus Continues

The bloodletting among the executive ranks at Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA) continues. The carmaker’s general counsel stepped down only two months after taking the position and its chief financial officer, who had already been in this role once before, years ago, resigned as well, this time after two years. This doesn’t bode well. Tesla’s CEO, Elon … Read more

picture Plug Power – Big Opening in Rochester

On February 22, Plug Power (Nasdaq: PLUG) celebrated the Grand Opening of a new factory in Rochester in the United States. Reportedly, the site will create more than 180 jobs and produce as many as 400,000 membrane electrode assemblies, compared to a company-wide production of 10,000 in 2018. The big increase in capacity is thought … Read more

FuelCell Energy – Something Big Coming Up?

After a sharp decline, with high volumes being traded at prices as low as USD 0.40, the tide suddenly turned for FuelCell Energy (Nasdaq: FCEL). While trade volume increased even more, to 17.5 million shares, the price shot to USD 0.90 within a few days. Then, the tide turned again, and the shares fell to … Read more

picture Bloom Energy – Current Market Value a Good Opportunity

Bloom Energy (Nasdaq: BE), a manufacturer of fuel cell systems, is a new one for me to discuss on these pages. The company went public in July 2018, and after issuing shares at a price of USD 25 each, it went on to reach a market cap of above USD 3 billion, though it is … Read more

picture Up to 52 Fueling Stations at Truck Stops

News At the FC Expo in Tokyo in late February, Hydrogentle, based in Hamburg, said it would collaborate with other stakeholders in the industry to install a countrywide network of hydrogen fueling stations in Germany to offer drivers a wide range of places to fill up their commercial vehicles. To this end, it signed an … Read more

picture Northern German Hydrogen Industry Network

Hydrogen is an oft-discussed topic in and around Hamburg these days: In summer last year, the city became the birthplace of the Hydrogen Industry Network in Northern Germany. In November 2018, it was where the economy and transportation ministers of the German states on the coastline met for a conference on a joint hydrogen strategy … Read more

picture Nathalie Runs Off Serenergy Stack

On March 5, at the Geneva International Motor Show, Roland Gumpert showed attendees his Nathalie Race, an electric sportscar named after his daughter. The distinctive feature of the coupe, unveiled in spring 2018, is the engine under the hood: Gumpert, who designed Audi Quattro’s four-wheel drive, said it had been important to him “to build … Read more

picture Joint Effort to Transform the Energy Sector

In 2019, Reinhard Christiansen, the chief executive of Energie des Nordens, or EdN, is continuing at the same pace at which he implemented his ideas last year. On January 24, he signed a purchase deal for another PEM electrolyzer, in addition to the 225-kilowatt unit, type ME 100/350 by H-Tec Systems, that was started up … Read more

picture Power-to-Gas in Augsburg Residential Development

A small, decentralized power-to-gas system was started up in a residential development in Augsburg, Germany, at the beginning of this year. Exytron, the Rostock-based manufacturer of the installation, said it was the first of its kind around the globe to store surplus renewable electricity in synthetic natural gas and extract power when needed. With the … Read more

picture DWV and DVGW Join Forces

On January 17, in Berlin, the German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, also known as DWV, and the German Association of the Gas and Water Industries, or DVGW, signed an agreement to step up their efforts to help set up a power-to-gas market. At the signing ceremony, which was attended by Thomas Bareiß, who has … Read more

picture A True Pioneer Goes Off-Grid

Hans-Olof Nilsson from Sweden is an electrical engineer who used to work in the refrigeration and telecoms industries and now co-manages a clean energy consulting firm focusing on off-grid solar power and hydrogen storage solutions. A few years back, he decided to go off-grid, by storing solar energy in summer as hydrogen to keep warm … Read more

picture Hyundai Exec Co-Chairs Hydrogen Council

In January, Eui-sun Chung, the executive vice chairman of Hyundai Motor Company, was named co-chair of the Hydrogen Council. He now heads the organization together with Benoît Potier, Air Liquide’s chief executive and chairman of the council since its founding in 2017. Both stressed the import of creating a zero-carbon hydrogen society. … Read more

picture Major Project in Emsland Region

The race to build the biggest multi-megawatt power-to-gas plant has begun: On February 11, in Berlin, TenneT and two transmission system operators, namely Amprion and Open Grid Europe, or OGE for short, announced their joint plans to construct a 100-megawatt electrolysis system. As part of Hybridge, they intend to put up a hydrogen production system … Read more

picture Hydrogen to Create Buzz at Hannover Messe

The steadily growing interest in hydrogen and fuel cells will be on full display at this year’s Hannover Messe, to be held April 1 through April 5 at Hanover’s convention and expo center. This time, the event will shine an even bigger spotlight on integrated energy systems. Its organizers expect over 1,000 exhibitors to unveil … Read more

picture National Platform NPM Gives Hydrogen a Chance

During his time as chairman of the German NPE’s steering committee (National Platform for Electric Mobility), Henning Kagermann seemed, for the most part, to be little enamored with hydrogen and fuel cell technology. Now, in his role as head of National Platform for the Future of Transportation (NPM), things might have changed, so H2-international asked … Read more

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  • Renewable gas for industry and vehicles
  • Politicians in the North Show Their Support
  • Fronius starts up green hydrogen fueling station
  • Power-to-gas for non-electrified areas
  • Germany to cling to internal combustion engines until 2050
  • Graforce unveils demonstration system in Berlin
  • Great promise despite Brexit
  • Outline of a European hydrogen strategy



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