e-Journal April 2018

Cover: Hyundai Nexo



3 Legal Notice

4 Editorial

5 News
Simone Peter elected president of BEE
‚Power-to-Gas‘ available in English
H2 Energy on track for expansion
Swiss Hydrogen turns french
DWV in favor of joint H2 company

8 Trade Shows
Hannover Messe remodels Energy show
Hydrogen conference in Rio de Janeiro
ESE growth grinds to a halt

11 Stationary Systems
Fuel cell power plants compared
Market overview
IBZ reorganized

19 Energy Storage
Once Acta, now Enapter
60 percent more methane from biogas
Interview with Traver Kennedy, CEO of Joi
Energy supply central on wheels
Hydrogen to store wind power

32 Electric Transportation
Hyundai’s new charm offensive in Germany
Lexus knows no limits
Real-life experiences with hydrogen-powered vehicle
Hydrogen refueling vs. electric charging
H2esla from Hoogezand
Communities discover their love electric carsharing
Riversimple tries crowdfunding
Really not much to worry about

43 Product News

44 Research & Development
Photo-electrochemical cells to produce hydrogen
Solar tower to be field-tested in Almeria
Combustion diagnostics at the German Aerospace
ITM and Shell to build 10 MW electrolyzer

50 Stock Market

54 Education

57 Global Market
Japan, the rising star

60 Events
Discounts and Tickets

61 Business Directory