The immensity of hydrogen


The immensity of hydrogen

Interview with stock market pundit Dirk Müller – For months now, hydrogen has been dominating the conversation. But far from it being a topic of discussion confined to the energy sector, it’s also a subject on the lips of many stockholders. Internet platforms have been brimming over with posts: a cacophony of news, views, speculation and … Read more



High expectations for H2 trucks

Two truck heavyweights become partners – Volvo and Daimler have substantiated their plans to use hydrogen for large long-distance trucks. During an online presentation event at the end of April 2021, Martin Lundstedt, President of the Volvo Group, specifically named the high possible payloads and the long ranges as decisive criteria for the use of fuel … Read more



Is Japan heading for a hydrogen society?

Hydrogen set to play a vital part in green growth strategy – In 2017, Japan became the first industrialized nation to set out its national hydrogen plan. As part of the hydrogen society strategy, massive investments have been made in pioneering pilot projects, albeit with a clear focus on the importation of blue hydrogen. The Japanese … Read more



Starting signal for the Heidekrautbahn

Instead of the end of 2020, the handover of the funding decisions took place on May 3, 2021. Both the Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer, and the Brandenburg Minister of Economics, Prof. Jörg Steinbach, as well as the Minister of Infrastructure, Guido Beermann, appeared at the small railway station in Basdorf to hand over … Read more



Direct route to green hydrogen

Interview with Christiane Averbeck of Climate Alliance Germany – Discussions around Germany’s approach to hydrogen are in full progress. Although several members of the German government regularly emphasize that green hydrogen will benefit the most from public funding, there are also those who want to see blue and turquoise hydrogen playing a key role – with … Read more



Green hydrogen comes out on top

Germany plans to overdeliver on EU targets – Climate change has become a hot topic in the runup to the German election, with politicians imbued with a new sense of urgency. In April 2021, Germany’s constitutional court published its ruling on the country’s Climate Change Act, triggering the need for swift action to toughen up … Read more



Stellantis launches H2 van on the market

After years of silence regarding Opel’s fuel cell activities, the German automobile manufacturer came back in mid-May 2021 with an H2 van Vivaro-e Hydrogen – and with it the French sister companies Peugeot and Citroën, both of which also belong to the parent company Stellantis. The major corporation designed its own “mid-power plug-in hydrogen fuel … Read more



Large-scale hydrogen projects on the Arabian Peninsula

Oman and Saudi Arabia’s plans to export solar energy – Sun-soaked countries around the world are inevitably destined for solar-powered hydrogen production. Yet while many look to Australia, Chile or Morocco as prime locations, the Middle East is also gaining attention. Nations such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the Sultanate of Oman, well known for their … Read more



Will methanol fuel cells see a comeback?

In the 1990s, methanol was seen as a possible new source of power for fuel cell electric vehicles. And yet, at the turn of the century, it nearly fell out of favor altogether, as the equipment needed to burn the fuel was much more complex than systems that used hydrogen only. Still, the past few … Read more



New hydrogen and fuel cell partnerships

The time has come for new collaborations in the hydrogen sector. As noted in this year’s May issue, the number of reports about company mergers and new partnerships has increased steadily over the past months. One example of this is the partnership formed by electrolyzer manufacturer Nel after its recent foray into the solar market. … Read more



Olympic H2 flame

The Olympic flame is to burn with hydrogen for the first time at this Olympics. H2 gas is already being used in the “baton”, which is modelled on a cherry blossom, during the torch relay – at least on some stages. The green hydrogen needed comes from Fukushima. An official from Japan’s energy agency said: … Read more



Portable multi-gas analyzer

Researchers working for Bosch and Linde are developing a new, portable device called an Optical Gas Spectrometer, or OGS. The unit is said to be capable of detecting nearly all types of impurities found in hydrogen and CNG and allow for a detailed analysis of gas compositions. Despite being as small as a shoe box, … Read more



Accurate optical sensing

Hydrogen sensors have been the focus of research for many years. Scientists working for the University of Georgia and South Carolina’s Savannah River National Laboratory have now found a way to make it extremely easy to detect even minute traces of the gas. A research article about their new optical method for hydrogen sensing was … Read more


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Articles of the new H2-international issue – August 2021

  • Growing efforts to decarbonize through hydrogen
  • Ballard Power quietly sharpens its edge
  • Bloom Energy – 30 percent steady annual growth
  • Plug Power – cash infusion drives up price
  • Nikola Motors – competition is good for business
  • Weichai Power – intriguing prospects
  • Tesla – profitable in what way?
  • Burckhardt Compression – peripheral technology
  • SRU formulates recommendations to policy-makers
  • Handelsblatt magazine’s Hydrogen Summit
  • Kasten joins DWV’s senior leadership
  • Number of HyStarter applications now at 65
  • Hydrogen Republic Germany, Part III
  • Niederer succeeds Fürst
  • A guide to hydrogen innovations






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EU approves new funding guideline for commercial vehicles with alternative drive systems –
funding guideline and funding call published
Green light from Brussels: The funding guideline for commercial vehicles with alternative drive systems submitted to the European Commission for official notification by the German Federal Ministry of Transport can now be launched after obtaining approval. Now, an appealing funding programme is available for battery, fuel cell and (overhead line) hybrid electric vehicles, corresponding refuelling and charging infrastructure as well as feasibility studies.

HyAllgäu – Feasibility study on the hydrogen region presented
Hydrogen technology offers great potential for achieving the energy transition, a concept which has been examined in the HyAllgäu feasibility study in the Allgäu region. The results and possibilities have now been presented to the Federal Transport Ministry and State Minister Hubert Aiwanger.

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