November 2017


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Concentration on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
I’ve been following the hydrogen and fuel cell industry for 20 years. In 1997, you couldn’t even call it a niche market. Back then, many engineers didn’t know the term “fuel cell” existed at all and hydrogen was just another element of the periodic table. Only a handful of companies were tinkering with metal hydride … Read more
picture Plug Power: Third Quarter to Deliver Record Figures
The deal with Amazon – which basically acquired a stake in Plug Power (Nasdaq: PLUG) through warrants and, at the same time, placed orders to have its forklift trucks retrofitted – may be the reason why Walmart has agreed to a change in the terms for its large Plug booking, which will improve the situation … Read more
picture Ballard Power: How to Become Profitable
A second-quarter loss of USD 1.2 million or USD 0.01 per share is one thing, but a more than 50 percent year-on-year jump in revenue to USD 26.1 million is quite another. Canadian-based Ballard (Nasdaq: BLDP) managed to push the gross margin to 38 percent, so that earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization were at positive … Read more
picture FuelCell Energy: A Real Strategic Shift
More and more news reports, talk shows and interviews with leading politicians in Germany are making explicit mention of fuel cells – sadly, most of the time only in reference to the diesel scandal among the country’s automakers. Still, it’s a clear sign that people are becoming aware of the technology’s potential. Pierre-Etienne Franc, secretary … Read more
picture Hydrogenics: Profit Taking after Being on a Roll
Hydrogenics (Nasdaq: HYGS) has a full schedule with USD 151.2 million in backlog for several types of fuel cell applications, from truck conversion kits (Scania in Norway) to bus stacks in China to H2 refueling stations and power-to-gas systems. A loss of USD 5.7 million (minus USD 0.45 per share) in the second quarter can … Read more
ITM Power: 20 Tons of H2 per Day
ITM Power (London: ITM) based in the UK was able to increase bookings by GBP 4.87 million to GBP 23.54 million. Projects for which contracts should be awarded soon have a combined value of GBP 16.67 million, so that the expected backlog is at around GBP 40 million. An intriguing product development is ITM’s recent … Read more
picture Tesla: Far Removed from Rational Arguments
In early July, the first Model 3 cars finally left Tesla’s factory, an occasion that resulted in great enthusiasm among analysts and shareholders alike. Initial production was limited to 30 units – 20 for employees and 10 for test drives. Custom-made versions, maybe? It doesn’t look like actual series production, but the event was an … Read more
picture Pressure Is Mounting – Automakers Need to Deliver
The current standard in all things transportation is China. It makes policy with which even automakers in Germany need to comply if they want to keep their foot in the door. Air pollution in many large Chinese cities is so high that politicians have been forced to take drastic measures. It is the reason why … Read more
picture Energy Observer: Around the Globe by Solar-Hydrogen
Since this summer, the Energy Observer, a solar-wind-hydrogen catamaran, has been roaming the seas. After nearly four years of preparation, the ship was christened in July and the crew could set off on their journey. The initiators of the project plan to be at sea for nearly six years and stop in around 50 countries … Read more
picture Hydrogen on Water – List of Fuel Cell Boats
As a clean yet effective energy source, hydrogen can be used to not only power vehicles on the road and in the air, but also propel vessels on the water and deep below the surface. So far, however, attempts to design a fuel cell vessel for travelling on rivers, lakes and oceans have been few … Read more
picture Reinventing the Energy Grid
Nearly 120 attendees met for the annual power-to-gas strategy conference on June 20 in Berlin, where the German Energy Agency, dena, previewed a new road map to call for greater openness to new technologies and the improvement of energy storage policies. Another important agenda item was the introduction of hydrogen and synthetic methane to the … Read more
picture Power-to-Gas Ready for the Market
The German Energy Agency, or dena for short, is an independent company in which the federal government owns a 50 percent stake. By its own account, it is a “center of excellence for energy efficiency, renewables and smart energy systems,” although it had focused on centrally controlled supply under the management of its first director, … Read more
picture Power-to-Gas as the Battery of the Energy Market Transformation
For years, renewables and fuel cells powered by fossil energy sources have been worlds apart, something that is changing – at least when it comes to natural gas. Many companies have realized that there are indeed areas in which both industries could benefit from collaboration. Several large associations have already started to emphasize commonalities instead … Read more
picture Synlight: Concentrated Solar Power to Produce H2
Since spring, the sun has been shining in Jülich at the push of a button and 10,000 times brighter than normal. It is in this town in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia that the German Aerospace Center, DLR, inaugurated its Synlight system comprised of 149 high-output lights that can simulate concentrated solar power. … Read more
picture Intersolar Gets Smarter
Intersolar Europe is inching closer to becoming an energy storage platform. It was the fourth time that Munich’s trade show on solar energy ran in parallel to the ees Europe – with 254 exhibitors on 17,500 m2 Europe’s most popular trade fair about batteries and energy storage, according to its organizers. Starting next year, the … Read more
picture H2ORIZON Breaks Ground
On July 6, 2017, the same date as the 5th Annual Hydrogen Day, the German Aerospace Center, DLR, broke ground for the H2ORIZON project. Planning took seven years (see October 2016 issue of H2-international) – now, the objective is to get the first hydrogen station in Lampoldshausen up and running before the end of 2018.… Read more
picture German Automakers Fall Behind
Between 2013 and 2016, HZwei – and later also H2-international – provided readers with regular, detailed updates on the activities of the Electromobility Showcase program. The 145 projects that were part of this program were accompanied by research and monitoring to coordinate, analyze and publish results and have led to a final report consisting of … Read more
picture ThaiGer H2 Wins Eco-Marathon
Racing around the track in small-size H2 cars might look like fun, but it has a serious purpose. An event like this is designed to impart crucial engineering know-how, prompt design ideas, solve technical issues, encourage improvisation and, most of all, promote deep immersion in a new technology. This and much more is being offered … Read more
picture DWV Calls for Equal Treatment
The German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, DWV, is committed to helping achieve equal treatment of renewable electricity-based fuel sources to that of biofuels under the law. In a recently published paper, it argues in typical German bureaucratese that hydrogen offered more advantages and fewer drawbacks than biogenic fuels and should at least be treated … Read more
picture New Institute for Energy Networks
Formerly known as Next Energy, the research institution based in Oldenburg, Germany, is now part of the German Aerospace Center, DLR, and has been renamed Institute of Networked Energy Systems (DLR-VE, see Next Energy as New DLR Location). On June 28, DLR’s council approved the integration of the institute, which is said to be continuing … Read more
picture ZSW Gets New Building
ZSW, the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research, has seen the addition of a new building in the state capital of Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart, Germany. It was officially inaugurated on July 5 in the presence of the state’s economy minister, Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, and the mayor of Stuttgart, Fritz Kuhn. The expansion is said to house … Read more
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  • Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Energy Summit, January 24th to 25th, 2018, in Brussels, Belgium,
  • FC Expo, International Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Expo, February 28th to March 2nd, 2018, Tokyo Big Sight, in Tokyo, Japan,
  • IRES, Intern. Conference & Exhibition for the Storage of Renewable Energies, March 13th to 15th, 2018, in Düsseldorf, Germany,
  • European Hydrogen Energy Conference (EHEC), March 14th to 16th, 2018, in Málaga, Spain,

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