e-Journal February 2020

Nikola Tre will come end of 2022 [Source: Nikola]

2 Legal Notice

3 Editorial

4 News
Kerstin Andreae heads BDEW
CEP: Growth and strengthening
Wrightbus continues driving
Flexible, stretchable bio-fuel cell

8 Trade shows
Hydrogen and WindEnergy
f-cell attracts numerous suppliers

15 House energy
Home owners are insecure

12 Politics
Green hydrogen economy until 2035
German Federal Council votes for hydrogen economy
Major stakeholder conference in Berlin

16 Energy storage
HyStarter, HyExperts, HyPerformer are started
Company portrait: Electrolyser manufacturer Enapter

28 Electromobility
Increasing interest in hydrogen from freight forwarders
The maritime sector discovers the fuel cell
Economies of scale achievable quickly
130 hydrogen filling stations by 2021
Load wheel with H2 drive
IAA – New start looks different

40 Research & Development
Sustainable added value of PEM fuel cells

44 Education
Stralsund has written H2 history
Invisible Kids – Results of an on-line survey

48 Stock market

52 Global market
Interview with Randy MacEwen, President & CEO of Ballard

54 Events

55 Business directory