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H2-international-Logo-webThis blog is presented by Sven Geitmann, founder and owner of publishing house Hydrogeit Verlag. Both the H2-international Blog and the H2-international e-journal contain articles which are also published in the German magazine HZwei, hence the focus is on German H2- & FC-activities but there are also many texts about the worldwide fuel cell activities.

The articles online in the blog are short versions of the longer ones, which are published in the e-journal. Hence only the subscribers of the e-journal can read all the interesting details.

Some of our colleagues are

  • Eva Augsten
  • Sven Jösting
  • Michael Nallinger
  • Niels Hendrik Petersen

Some of our foreign correspondents are

The e-journal on hydrogen and fuel cells H2-international

– appears four times a year
– is sent to subscribers all over the world
– provides an impartial and independent view
– offers detailed information on hydrogen and fuel cells (around 30 pages per issue)
– reports about activities from around the globe
– contains an event schedule and a large company list
– comes with free tickets and discounts for several events
– treats your personal data as strictly confidential
– is sent to you energy-efficiently by e-mail as a digital issue
– can be cancelled with ease and whenever you like
– has a free-of-charge newsletter version.

This journal is a respectful attempt at continuing the work that Peter Hoffmann started more than 25 years ago. His Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Letter (H&FCL) was an inspiring read for many people from all over the world interested in hydrogen and fuel cells. I met Peter several times and we worked successfully as a team – he in the US and I in Germany. In April 2014 he died much too young and was shortly followed by his wife, Sarah. All their work is now stored in the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Archives.

H2-international cannot amount to a relaunch of the H&FCL, but it may constitute an offer to all those who are interested in reading about hydrogen and fuel cells. For many months it has been impossible to obtain detailed or objective information on these topics, also because FuelCellToday ceased its activities in January 2014 after thirteen years of reporting.

That’s why I started H2-international. This journal might close that gap.

In memory of Peter and Sarah