Media Kit

Media information 2023 – H2-international

1. About
H2-international is the English-language e-journal and HZwei is the German-language magazine of choice for everyone who wants to stay at the forefront of news about hydrogen and fuel cells. In-depth articles about science, technology and the latest developments keep readers up to date on advances in the hydrogen and fuel cell sector as well as the electric vehicle and the energy storage market. The focus is on detailed yet clearly written news stories by industry journalists and R&D experts.

2. e-Journal
Readers can order the paid subscription to the H2-international e-journal, which contains the full articles, including all images and links. The electronic journal is sent by email as a PDF.

3. Newsletter
The H2-international Newsletter comes free of charge, but contains only headlines and teasers. Each month, it keeps readers up to date by email in HTML format about everything happening in the H2 and fuel cell market.

4. Blog
All content on the website is available free of charge, although publications are limited to short versions of the articles.

5. How to subscribe
The e-journal H2-international is published four times a year and sent by email to subscribers worldwide. It can be ordered directly via the website, and subscription can be cancelled at any time and at short notice. Subscribers can also look up all previously published issues in the website archive free of charge.

6. Circulation Profile
The audience of these English-language media by Hydrogeit Verlag are all those domestically and abroad who want to know about the most recent developments in hydrogen and fuel cells. The services were created both for the technologically interested reader, who is looking for basic or in-depth information, and industry professionals and executives from all across the energy industry.

7. ISSN: 2367-3931

8. Year: 8th year in 2022

9. Delivery: e-journal quarterly – newsletter monthly

10. Circulation:
Subscribers of the e-journal: 4,000
(including delivery to of partner associations: IAHE, NOW)
Number of downloads per year per issue: 700
Total number of downloads since end of 2017: 40,000
Subscribers of the cost-free newsletter: 8,000

11. Internet:, (publishing house), (German version)

12. Price:
e-journal: 40 US-$ (35 €) per year
newsletter: cost-free

13. Size: DIN A4, 210 mm x 297 mm

14. Adverts
1/4 Page 475 €
1/3 Page 650 €
1/2 Page 890 €
1/1 Page 1,490 €
additional fee for U2 or U4: 350 € per page
additional fee for print run in January: + 30%

15. Discounts: (booking per year)
2 times 5 %
3 times 7 %
4 times 9 %

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