e-Journal February 2023

Here you will find all previous H2-international issues since 2015, which you can download as a PDF file, print out and read in peace at home or in the office – free of charge. In the HZwei archive you will also find the german issues from 2006 to 2014 and the H2Tec archive the old editions of the previous version.

3 Editorial

 4 Contents

 6 News

  • DVGW chosses new president
  • myFC goes bankrupt
  • Tenders for hybrid power plants
  • New CEO at Siqens
  • Hydrogen for industrial heating
  • Complaints halt hydrogen project in Switzerland
  • 200 hydrogen Ubers for Berlin
  • Fresh faces at DWV

8 Trade fairs and conferences

Bremen is the place to be

f-cell reinvents itself

H2Expo makes a comeback


14 Policy

Competition between USA and Germany

The long wait for RED II

Regulated H2-production

Faster expansion

Grid-serving electrolysis

Possible routes for hydrogen ramp-up

Market ramp-up of electrolysis

Policy paper from Scientists for Future


24 Energy storage

Market overview of compressors

Market analysis of the electrolyzer market

Hydrogen Regions series: Duisburg


36 Electric transportation

Everyone is working on hydrogen combustion engines

Interview with Audrey Ma, Refire Group

Ship transport only slowly becoming cleaner


46 Development

Mega-task eco-cement

Comment: Hydrogen as a global commodity


49 Education

New internet platform for H2 knowledge


52 Market

Potential for 1,000 billion USD annually

Bloom – Outlook creates ground for a good year

Ballard – Each market is approached individually

Nikola – Short sellers determine the stock market price

Siemens Energy – Share price anticipates development

Plug Power – Targets adjusted to reality

Cummins – Harnessing the power of Niagara falls

Hyzon – No news until February 2023?

Burckhardt – Fulminant rise in share price

Weichai – Temporarily poor figures

USA: The course is set


63 International

Implementation of Japan’s hydrogen strategy

H2 valley by the German-Polish border


66 Business directory


72 Events / Legal Notice