December 2020

Directional decision


Directional decision

These days, hydrogen has become a focal point of discussion in Germany and at the highest echelons of the European Union. Gradually, the energy carrier is getting the attention it deserves. At last, despite the roadblocks, a breakthrough is imminent. … Read more


Hyzon partners with Holthausen

A mass market for fuel cell trucks by 2025 Hyzon Motors attracted a great deal of coverage when it announced its intention to build 1,000 fuel cell buses, a move that could revolutionize the transportation industry (see H2-international, August 2020). But the start-up business is also eager to see both heavy-duty and pickup trucks run … Read

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A quiet, clean way to waste collection

Electric trash trucks in high demand Trash trucks are a bit of a standout among specialized vehicles, since they require energy for both powertrains and hydraulic systems. Fuel cells have long been known to be a very good fit for these trucks, allowing efficient, low-noise operation in residential areas. In 2011, Faun Umwelttechnik delivered a … Read more

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Feeling like a pioneer

A comfortable (yet still exciting) ride So far, Hyundai has shipped a total of 10,000 Nexo cars. Since launching a fuel cell model in March 2018, the South Korean automaker has delivered more FCEVs than any other vehicle manufacturer in the world. This July alone, an additional 700 Nexo vehicles went to customers in South … Read more

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A big opportunity for machinery manufacturers

VDMA study analyzes fuel cell vehicle market Starting in 2030, fuel cells will be making significant inroads in the passenger car, commercial vehicle and heavy equipment markets. Their importance, as well as the required hydrogen infrastructure, will grow steadily in the coming years, mainly thanks to heavy-duty applications. By 2040, the technology will power 12 … Read more

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How to speed up the energy market transformation

Interview with energy expert Peter Röttgen Peter Röttgen, a PhD geologist, was once the head of the E.ON Energy Storage Innovation Center in Düsseldorf. He then became president of the Brussels-based European Association for Storage of Energy and remained in that role for many years. From August 2017 to early 2019, he led German renewable … Read more

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Hydrogen-compatible polymers

New ways to achieve comparable and reproducible findings Vehicle fuel cells contain many non-metals, particularly polymers, for several different purposes. While seals are made from elastomers, Type IV containers are lined with thermoplastics, the same materials that are now also increasingly used to make hardware parts, such as gaskets. The standards and guidelines relevant to … Read more

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Specialty metals for water electrolysis

Are iridium and platinum critical materials? Hydrogen will have a crucial role to play in transforming the energy market. The first element of the periodic table has great potential to decarbonize much of the steel, cement and chemical industries as well as aviation, heavy-duty road haulage and maritime transportation. As a result, politicians across the … Read

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CIRO introduces fuel cells to Coesfeld students

New class on hydrogen at German secondary school From where will we get our electricity in the future? What will we use to power our cars and trains? How can we live sustainably, without the use of fossil fuels? Finding answers to these and other questions is the aim of an Erasmus+ project involving students … Read more

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New research center in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania

Germany‘s northeast is finally buzzing with activity. For a long time, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania’s hydrogen community had rarely made the news. However, that was before the state’s economy ministry announced at the hydrogen sector meeting in Güstrow on Aug. 21 that it plans to build a hydrogen research center. Stefan Rudolph, who works at the economy … Read more

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New DLR institutes in northern Germany

The German government’s central research organization for aerospace technology, DLR, continues to expand its operations. It plans to build two new institutes, one to develop maritime energy systems and another to advance systems engineering in the transportation sector. On June 23, DLR’s oversight board gave the green light for both. At that time, the German … Read more

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  • Hydrogen on Wadden Islands
  • eFarm project started in Bosbüll
  • LOHC – Hydrogen transport made easy                                       
  • Webinar? Conference?
  • Clean hydrogen on demand





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