April 2021

The industrial sector hits on hydrogen


A bumpy ride

The highs and lows of hydrogen and fuel cell stocks in recent weeks can be best described as a bumpy ride following a significant and rapid increase in prices. It seems to me that the market has entered a major consolidation phase. Yet this is no reason to lose faith, especially as the wild fluctuations … Read more

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FuelCell Energy – business valued too high

There has been a stark rise in the valuation of the business from around USD 100 million to now over USD 9 billion, with the stock price increasing from USD 1 – USD 2 to USD 29. I would go so far as to call it totally excessive. I got early wind of FuelCell Energy … Read more

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Nikola Motors – uncertainty is waning

There are two sides to every story. And that’s very much the case with the planned cooperation with General Motors, GM, and the cancellation of 2,500 battery electric refuse trucks for Republic Services which turned out to be rather fortuitous in retrospect. In the GM scenario, Nikola would itself have had to spend over USD … Read more

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Plug Power – positioning under way but analysts disunited

Plug Power [Nasdaq: PLUG] has undergone one financing round after another, with a third bought deal sandwiched in between, this time to the tune of more than USD 1.7 billion. What’s more, the South Korean SK Group has promised to put up USD 1.6 billion in return for a 9.9 percent ownership stake in the … Read more

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Weichai Power – China’s largest diesel manufacturer on the fuel cell

The company Weichai Power, which I’ve so far only mentioned in this column as partnering Ballard, has a revenue around the EUR 20 billion mark and a stock market valuation of the same order. In 2020, a good EUR 1 billion was marked up as profit, with dividends also paid out. Weichai Power has several … Read more

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Tesla in grip of Bitcoin fever

That Tesla chief Elon Musk would, one way or another, place his trust in Bitcoin was to be expected. He had already stated his interest and his enthusiasm for the cryptocurrency many times in the past and had previously considered switching the whole of his corporate financing to this digital money format. Words turned to … Read more

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Self-sufficiency solutions get ready for market

Off-grid living in Germany and Australia Energy self-sufficiency, a dream for a number of homeowners, is now gradually becoming a reality. As isolated projects have already demonstrated, it is perfectly feasible to forgo a conventional grid connection and have a property’s entire energy needs met by renewables alone. The technology that makes this possible is … Read more

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Hydrogen neighborhoods in the making

Supplying zero-carbon energy to entire districts An increasing number of building projects are now incorporating an energy supply based on hydrogen and fuel cells. Given the targets set out in the Paris climate agreement, the current thinking is clearly to avoid designing new housing developments that are dependent on fossil fuels and instead switch entirely … Read more

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Wait continues for hydrogen heating

Are fuel cell appliances fed by natural gas fit for the future? Fuel cell heating appliances have now been on the market for several years. The choice, however, is limited and the prices are high, which explains the slow growth in the number of installations. Yet, perhaps there are other reasons why this section of … Read more

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The industrial sector hits on hydrogen

Digital Handelsblatt Energy Summit 2021 Global energy trends are clearly moving in the direction of hydrogen – and away from fossil fuels. That’s the conclusion that can be drawn from the three-day digital energy summit staged by German business paper Handelsblatt which ran from Jan. 13 to Jan. 15, 2021. The energy sector as a … Read more

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Colorful path to a green future

2nd round of HyLand competition kicks off “We’re not talking about Champagne, we’re talking about table water.” This was the pronouncement of Katherina Reiche, chairwoman of Germany’s National Hydrogen Council, as she instigated proceedings at this year’s H2Congress. On Jan. 26 and 27, 2021, over 3,000 attendees gathered online for a joint conference consolidating the … Read more

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Hannover Messe goes digital

All eyes will be trained on Hannover Messe to see what shape this year’s event will take. The good news for the hydrogen and fuel cell sector is that the German trade show is indeed taking place. The bad tidings are that it will not be a face-to-face affair. Event organizer Deutsche Messe is, however, … Read more

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Articles of the new H2-international issue – May 2021

  • Controversial regulation of hydrogen
  • Electrification of rail transport
  • Fuel industry grows despite COVID-19
  • Green steel as a vision for the future
  • Realignment at VDMA
  • German-French hydrogen cooperation
  • H2 campus for Oberhausen
  • New order
  • FC megawatt system for aviation
  • e.GO with fuel cell
  • Daimler Truck + Volvo = cellcentric
  • Think tank in Lausitz
  • ElringKlinger + Plastic Omnium = EKPO





  • Hydrogen + Fuel Cells Europe, April 12 to 16, 2021, online, Germany,
  • International Hydrogen Symposium, June 14 to 15, 2021, online& real, Hamburg, Germany,
  • World Hydrogen Technologies Convention WHTC, together with f-cell + HFC, June 20 to 24, 2021,

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