May 2019



picture Clean energy technology outreach

With the recent IPCC report outlining the measures required to keep warming to below 1.5°C, implementing low-cost, low-carbon energy alternatives is more important than ever. With this momentum comes the need for experts to carry out strong, impactful programs to demonstrate new electrochemical technologies to the public. … Read more

picture Science4Future supports Fridays4Future

For months, thousands of students have taken to the streets every Friday to call for a more sustainable energy system. Under the hashtag #Scientists4Future, scientists have now launched their own campaign in support of the #Fridays4Future generation. … Read more

picture Fuel cell bus pledge

More than 370 people came to the city of Cologne to attend the European Zero Emission Bus Conference, or ZEB for short. The event, which took place from Nov. 27 through Nov. 28, 2018, was a follow-up to the initial conference in London in 2016 and gave attendees the opportunity to keep up with advancements … Read more

Sunfire renames new enerday

One German fuel cell manufacturer that recently changed its name is new enerday, now known as Sunfire Fuel Cells. Based in Neubrandenburg, the company was acquired by Sunfire, headquartered in Dresden, last fall (see H2-international, January 2019). As part of the deal, Matthias Boltze, who used to be new enerday’s sole chief executive, now shares … Read more

picture Robert Rose: an obituary

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Robert Rose, a pioneering force and a strong proponent of a future hydrogen economy. He passed away peacefully in the morning hours of October 17, 2018, at his home in Woodbridge, Virginia, after battling a long illness. … Read more

picture Pichler appointed new CEO of SOLIDpower

On February 12, Andreas Pichler became the new chief executive of the SOLIDpower Group, replacing Alberto Ravagni, who stepped down from his role as CEO of the fuel cell heater maker at his own request. Ravagni had worked for the Italian-based business since its founding in 2007. Pichler is expected to turn SOLIDpower into a … Read more

picture NuCellSys rebranded

At the turn of the year, NuCellSys, a wholly owned subsidiary of automaker Daimler, became Mercedes-Benz Fuel Cell. Besides the name change, the company announced a shift in strategy. Its chief executive, Christian Mohrdieck, explained that “fuel cells are an integral part of engine development at Mercedes-Benz Fuel Cell. The new name sends a clear … Read more

picture New focus on commercial vehicles

Now that electrification has gained a foothold in the passenger car market, it is starting to have an impact on commercial vehicles as well. While electric trucks and buses have, for a long time, been studied and tested as part of research and demonstration projects around the globe, more and more politicians and environmental associations … Read more

An energy industry road map

A few months ago, Germany’s Commission on Growth, Industry Restructuring and Employment published its final report, suggesting that the country phase out coal power production by 2038. The document, presented to the public on January 26, recommends replacing most of today’s generation capacity with gas-fired power plants. Additionally, its authors call for assisting regions affected … Read more

picture Hydrogen islands in the North Sea

Connecting offshore wind farms to the public grid is still fraught with problems. The main challenge is how to transmit the large amounts of energy generated in the North and Baltic Sea to the coast, since the lines have not yet been adapted to the task. … Read more

picture Hydrogen takes the prize

From January 23 through 25, many high-profile figures visited Berlin for the Handelsblatt magazine’s Energy Summit. Among them was Peter Altmaier, who used the opportunity to deliver a speech detailing what role hydrogen technology could have in a future energy system. … Read more

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f-cell+HFC 2019

f-cell+HFC 2019 announces the keynote speakers and workshops

See our website for the up to date list of keynote speakers along with the program overview. We are excited to be welcoming well known speakers such as Bart Biebuyck, Sunita Satyapal, Daryl Wilson and Dr. Maik Ziegler, just to name a few.  Two exciting workshops: CHBC & CHFCA Ports Workshop and Transitioning to Fuel Cell Electric Buses.

Full list of speakers and program at:

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Articles of the new H2-international issue – April 2019

  • Hydrogen creates buzz at Hannover Messe
  • DWV and DVGW join forces
  • Up to 52 fueling stations at truck stops
  • NuCellSys rebranded
  • Energy-independent single-family home in Sweden
  • Interview with Brandenburg state’s minister Jörg Steinbach
  • Toyota’s Sora fuel cell bus
  • Fuel Cell Buses Urgently Needed
  • Politicians Discover Power-to-Gas
  • Hydrogen takes the prize
  • Joint effort to transform the energy sector





  • China International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Exhibition (CHFCE), May 6th to 8th, 2019, in Beijing, China,
  • Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe, May 7 to 9, 2019, in
    Stuttgart, Germany,
  • Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition – EVS 32, May 19 to 22, 2019, in Lyon, France,
  • EFCF – European Low-Temperature Fuel Cells / Electrolysers & H2 Processing Forum, July 2 to 7, 2019, in Lucerne, Switzerland,
  • Asia Guangzhou Battery Sourcing Fair – GBF, August 16th to 18th, 2019, in Guangzhou, China,

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