January 2020

A leading fuel cell solution


picture Shareholders discover fuel cells

Shareholders discover fuel cells The reports are overwhelming as far as the areas of application and potential of the fuel cell are concerned, and politicians in Germany have also finally woken up. The stock exchanges have led many FC companies into a real course euphoria. But also, contradictions find their way into the media, according … Read more

picture Ballard Power – Growth begins in 2020/21

Forget the quarterly figures for Ballard Power this year. They are only important to analysts. The CEO already said at the beginning of the year and recently underlined in a Bloomberg interview that this calendar year will be used to build capacity in China (production of the LCS stacks together with Weichai), among other things, … Read more

picture FuelCell Energy – Chance for a new beginning

What a farce it was that Shortseller FuelCell Energy set out to use toxic financing media (preference shares convertible into ordinary shares) to depress the share price and at the same time bring more and more shares into the market – without commitment. In addition, some project financing was subject to conditions that could be … Read more

picture Bloom Energy – Share price fireworks after collapse

The figures for the third quarter were satisfactory: On balance, earnings per share were $ 0.01, with the quarterly loss being due to stock-based compensation (issuance of shares and options to employees), which is “extraordinary” accounting and non-operating. … Read more

picture Plug Power – 1 billion US$ turnover 2024?

Full-bodied it comes from the company Plug Power: In 2024, the company aims to exceed the US$ 1 billion sales hurdle and generate pre-tax profit of US$ 170 million. But there’s still a long way to go. First of all, it was possible to increase the billings (new bookings) by a good US$ 61 million … Read more

ITM Power, PowerCell and Nel – too expensive

I am watching these titles very closely. However, the valuations are now so high – relative to sales, equity, orders on hand – that one should rather remain engaged in the titles I have presented and even put the above-mentioned for sale and cash-in existing book profits. This is an opinion – without commitment – … Read more

picture Tesla – Price bubble through Short Squeeze?

Tesla’s share price rose sharply from US$ 230 to over US$ 360 during the reporting period, after the third quarter did not close with a loss (consensus was a loss of US$ 1.31 per share), but on the contrary with a profit of US$ 143 million (US$ 0.78 per share GAAP). Cash holdings were also … Read more

picture A leading fuel cell solution

Ballard Power Systems is a pioneer in the fuel cell industry. Since 1983, fuel cells have been developed in the company founded by Geoffrey Ballard in Burnaby near Vancouver. Randy MacEwen has been President & CEO of the Canadian fuel cell manufacturer since 2014. On
October 23, 2019, the International Hydrogen Symposium brought him to … Read more

picture Green hydrogen economy until 2035

A process of rethinking took place at the political level last year. Even though the energy turnaround has still not progressed noticeably, there is now at least a vision of what a future energy supply could look like. It is becoming increasingly clear that hydrogen will play an important role in this. … Read more

picture Balancing act between commercialisation and project business

The new Fuel Cell Industry Review 2019 withmarket data and analyses was published in January 2020. Since 2014, E4tech’s team has been contacting fuel cell companies worldwide to build it, aggregating their supply figures and creating an independent annual reference point on the current state of the fuel cell industry. Some excerpts are presented below. … Read more

picture Economies of scale achievable quickly

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (FST) is regarded as one of the pioneers of fuel cell technology, at least in Germany. The globally active seal manufacturer is one of those automotive suppliers who see the far-reaching changes in the mobility sector as an opportunity. With
the purchase of battery manufacturer XALT Energy and parts of FC supplier … Read more

picture The maritime sector discovers hydrogen

While hydrogen in the maritime sector has only ever been treated as an option for the future under “far away” for years, not only the events at which this energy source is the subject of lively debate are currently on the increase, but also the reports on concrete projects. More and more shipping companies are … Read more

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Articles of the H2-international issue – October 2019

  • A master plan for a hydrogen economy
  • Austria as hydrogen nation No. 1
  • Comment by Prof. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker                                     
  • Heated debate concerning the CO2 price
  • Untersteller-interview: “We’re still in shock.”
  • Green hydrogen for low-emission refineries
  • California to eliminate emissions
  • Chemnitz becomes H2-Centre
  • Klaus Bonhoff switches to politics
  • f-cell with 24-hour rally
  • BDR wants to install 400 H2 boilers




  • FC Expo, February 26 to 28, 2020, Tokyo Big Sight, in Tokyo, Japan,
  • Energy Storage Europe, March 10 to 12, 2020, in Düsseldorf, Germany,
  • Hydrogen & Fuel Cells for Heavy Duty Transport, March 25 to 26, 2020, in Brussels, Belgium,

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