June 2020

Europe drives ahead with hydrogen-powered vehicles


Government agencies argue about who is in charge

Who can make the most of hydrogen and fuel cells? This question seems to have sparked a fierce competition between several German government ministries since late 2019 as they are vying with each other for control over the debate. Their tug-of-war began spreading through the political landscape when hydrogen became an issue to campaign on … Read

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Silke Frank launches Mission Hydrogen

Early this year, Silke Frank, the longtime face of the f-cell trade show, left event organizer Peter Sauber Agentur Messen und Kongresse and went on to found Mission Hydrogen in nearby Winnenden on March 1. She had been with Peter Sauber Agentur since 2003 and worked her way up the ladder to become owner and … Read

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A new alliance

Like other industries, the energy sector has seen events being postponed or cancelled, making it difficult if not impossible to unveil new products, attend discussion panels and meet new people. But the partial lockdown has also opened up some new opportunities. Thanks to greater digitalization, online product presentations can still reach a global audience, face-to-face meetings are being replaced with webinars and video conferences, and phone calls have become an even more important means to stay in touch. … Read more

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Fuel cells go the extra mile

Are batteries or fuel cells the more environmentally friendly, technically superior and economically prudent solution for electric transportation? Short answer: It depends. … Read more

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Viessmann shuts down Hexis

On March 19, German heating manufacturer Viessmann, based in Allendorf, announced it would shut down Hexis, its subsidiary in charge of developing SOFCs. The headline of the press release sounded rather innocuous: “Viessmann takes new path to implementing future-proof
technology.“ However, in the third paragraph, the
company then said it “will discontinue operations at
Hexis.“ … Read more

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Total restructuring

Since January, Jan Petersen has been in charge of developing forward-looking transportation solutions at Total in Germany. He is heading a new division that aims to install not only ultrafast chargers but also hydrogen and natural gas stations. Bruno Daude-Lagrave, the chief executive of Total Deutschland, said the company created the department to respond quickly … Read more

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Fuel cell CHP system made in China

Mostly out of the public eye, Berlin-based inhouse engineering has been working for years behind the scenes on a fuel cell system that does not quite fit in with other suppliers‘ product offerings. With 5 kW capacity, it is much more powerful than devices offered by, for example, IBZ partners. … Read more

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Solid hydrogen carriers

The Metal Hydride Center of Excellence at Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials – IFAM is developing composites that offer considerable advantages over conventional powder- or granule-based metal hydride storage. … Read more

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In a positive mood

The Automotive Business Barometer has found that a clear majority of executives working in the auto industry wish automakers and politicians in Germany would support more of the technologies deployed in electric vehicles. Over 80 percent of those who took part in the survey criticized the current focus of politics and industry on all-electric transportation. …
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Europe drives ahead with hydrogen-powered vehicles

Europe is leading the way in developing the breakthrough technologies needed to realise hydrogen’s energy potential. With hydrogen-powered buses and taxis being used across major cities, we have demonstrated that the technology can be used on a large scale. … Read more

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Hydrogen vehicles: Trends and outlook

This March, the German gas and water industries association DVGW published the findings of a study called “Hydrogen electric vehicles – trends and outlook,” which the organization had commissioned to evaluate the prospects for hydrogen in the transportation sector. … Read more

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Articles of the H2-international issue – May 2020

  • Turquoise hydrogen: A game changer?
  • How to guarantee a renewable product                                            
  • UK gears up for hydrogen heating
  • Solar, hydrogen and fuel cells combined
  • Hydrogen pipeline network
  • Stationary hydrogen combustion engine
  • Multi-energy residential systems
  • New gas boilers run on hydrogen
  • No more diesel fuel on board
  • Hydrogen vehicle metrology
  • HZwei turns 20




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