June 2019


pictureHydrogen is the key

It’s been a long time since things were moving forward at the pace they have been in recent months. And it has been just as long since the mood was that optimistic in the energy sector. Wherever you look, you feel as if a new chapter has begun. It certainly feels a lot different than … Read more

picture How to reshape the energy sector

In the fall of 2018, the German government announced it would provide about EUR 6.4 billion between 2018 and 2022 under its 7th Energy Research Program. This is around 45 percent more than what it allocated to the prior program from 2013 through 2017. The new budget reportedly includes funds for living laboratories and projects … Read more

picture Broad support for Efficiency First

The idea of using hydrogen as energy storage entered the political mainstream a long time ago. The coalition agreement between the Christian and the Social Democrats in Germany includes several direct references to hydrogen and fuel cells, while a few other parties have made the technologies part of their platforms as well. … Read more

picture Shortage of fuel cell buses

In many communities, electric buses have been the latest innovation to grab the attention of passengers and mayors alike. While passengers are just thrilled about the quiet and smooth ride, mass transit companies are looking for businesses that can deliver these types of vehicles, especially fuel cell ones, as quickly as possible. However, few options … Read more

picture State government to promote hydrogen

Among all German states, Brandenburg has had the most trouble striking the right balance between its fossil and renewable sources of energy. Many jobs in the south of state depend on lignite mining, while large wind farms have been put up in the north and around Berlin. The state government, a coalition of The Left … Read more

picture Fuel cell industry moves at rapid speed

January saw the publication of the Fuel Cell Industry Review 2018, including market figures and analyses. The review was created by the team of E4tech, which has contacted fuel cell companies once a year since 2014 to provide an independent overview of the fuel cell market based on aggregated shipment numbers. Below are some excerpts … Read more

picture HyLaw identifies barriers to growth

The aim of the EU-funded HyLaw project is to promote the launch of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies by giving stakeholders a detailed overview of current regulations and showing political decision makers where the sector is faced with legal barriers to growth. Coordinated by Hydrogen Europe, it is the EU’s first project that focuses on … Read more

picture How to optimize power-to-gas

The MethQuest project investigates the creation of methane from renewable sources of energy and its use in stationary systems and vehicles by studying the entire value chain of the gas. This holistic approach promises technological advances in areas that range from production and methods such as electrolysis to the required infrastructure and end use of …
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picture What exactly is power-to-X?

Efforts to transform the energy sector have so far focused on increasing renewable generation capacity to lay the foundation for a future energy system. This has made the use of electricity in the heat and transportation markets all the more important, since electric power is an efficient means of generating and using renewable sources of … Read more

picture Measuring up to standards

Measuring the quality of hydrogen is often, unjustifiably, viewed as time-consuming and expensive. Rather, it helps to better understand and improve technical processes. The path to regular quality measurements of hydrogen is being intensely debated as we speak. … Read more

picture Integrating renewable gases

Renewable gases or power-to-X are essential to meeting climate protection goals because they provide cost-effective solutions for reducing GHG emissions from vehicles, heat generation devices and power production systems, for storing energy long term or for using the final products as chemical raw materials. … Read more

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f-cell 2019

The f-cell is hosting a broad international spectrum of speakers in an energetic program that will entice further networking possibilities. Highlighted speakers are Dr. David Hart (E4tech Sarl), Morry Markowitz (FCHEA Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association), Dr. Kazuyoshi Honda (Tokyo Gas) and Frode Skaar (Westcon Power & Automation AS).

There is still time to become involved or to ensure your Early Bird Ticket, until June 30th.

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Articles of the new H2-international issue – April 2019

  • How to reshape the energy sector
  • State government to promote hydrogen
  • A true pioneer goes off-grid
  • What exactly is power-to-X?
  • Major project in Emsland region
  • Fuel cell bus pledge
  • New focus on commercial vehicles
  • More acceptance because of clean fuels
  • Parties’ views on fuel cells, hydrogen and power-to-gas





  • EFCF – European Low-Temperature Fuel Cells / Electrolysers & H2 Processing Forum, July 2 to 7, 2019, in Lucerne, Switzerland,
  • Asia Guangzhou Battery Sourcing Fair – GBF, August 16th to 18th, 2019, in Guangzhou, China,
  • f-cell, September 10 to 11, 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany,
  • eMove360° Europe, October 15 to 17, 2019, in Munich, Germany,

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