Ballard Sets Its Sights on China

Minister Wan Gang in Berlin

One should never be too enthusiastic, but if the Chinese government really takes up the battle against the country’s dramatic pollution levels, fuel cells and hydrogen will become top priorities – domestically and globally. People will take note of the comments that Wan Gang, China’s minister of science and technology, made during this year’s industry conference H2Mobility in Berlin in early April. Gang – an engineer, who had a ten-year stint at Audi – considers the fuel cell‘s versatility and “green hydrogen” to be two key solutions for improving China’s environmental situation – considers the fuel cell‘s versatility and “green hydrogen” to be two key solutions for improving China’s environmental situation.

During his presentation, he used many examples to point out that battery technology was expected to …


A vision: What would it be for a goal should China aim to install charging points, but especially H2 filling stations, in …


An Audi h-tron was parked in front of the transport ministry building in Berlin. Ballard supplied the fuel cell patents for it, while Gang was employed at Audi – the perfect combination.

EUR 660 billion for China’s infrastructure

At around the same time, China announced the launch of a three-year program worth EUR 660 billion and targeting the transport infrastructure, in particular mass transit by trains and buses. Another important factor: Of all companies to visit, the CP secretary of Guangdong province chose …

Quarter figures and outlook breed optimism

Ballard Power was able to conclude the first quarter on March 31, 2016, with a …

Recently, the company has also concluded the planned sale of part of its methanol telecom backup power business: Taiwanese Chung Hsin Electric & Machinery put USD 6.1 million on the table, of which USD 3 million have already been paid and USD 3.1 million will be based on milestones within the next 18 months, as well as at least another USD 2 million for stack purchases. The key aspect of this transaction: The sale made it possible to …

Ballard highlights

The company has also received a …

Risk warning

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Author: Sven Jösting (written June 2016)

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