No Love for Cash Incentives in Germany

A recent study has exposed deeper issues with the new German cash incentive. The low range of the cars and the poor infrastructure for refills aren’t the only reasons why electric vehicle sales haven’t been taking off: Prospective buyers don’t even find a model they like. Additionally, people view the financial incentives as “supporting the upper class” or “subsidizing carmakers,” as Consline pointed out in mid-June 2016. And the study said: “Only around one percent of these online users are planning to buy an electric car because of the economic incentive.” In contrast, 98 percent of the people who have left a comment on a news portal, with a professional online publication, in a forum or on social media after the incentive was introduced had a negative view of the situation and described the incentive as a “waste of taxpayer money,” as “missing the environmental mark,” or as offering “no credible daily use scenario.” Hybrid cars were even called “way too heavy and overpowered monsters.”

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