Multi-Energy Power Plant Awaits Approval

Construction of MEKS, Sperenberg’s multi-energy power plant, now entirely hinges on state government approval. In mid-July, the mayors of the four German towns involved signed a contract for the establishment of a community working group. But whereas local authorities would certainly welcome MEKS, the ones at state level have put a hold on the project, saying the selected area was not suitable for the construction of wind power facilities. The plan was to set up a 5 MW electrolysis system on the premises of the old airport of the Kummersdorf Proving Ground. This system was to receive the required eco-power from a 100 MW PV array and a wind farm consisting of 45 turbines (with 3 MW each) – although both will still have to be built. The H2 gas could be stored in an already existing pipe system used for peak shaving (diameter: 1.4 meters or 4.6 feet; overall length: 3.5 kilometers or 2.2 miles; volume: 480,000 m3 or 16.95 million ft3) by the Thyrow gas plant, so that the 50,000 inhabitants of the participating communities could be supplied almost entirely by renewable electricity. But without state approval, MEKS will go nowhere – despite the support pledged by BTU Cottbus and large companies, such as Enertrag, Vattenfall and McPhy.

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