Hyundai Unveils FE Fuel Cell

© Hyundai

At the Geneva International Motor Show, Korean carmaker Hyundai unveiled its new fuel cell concept study, the FE Fuel Cell Concept. It offers a glimpse into the fourth vehicle generation boasting much higher output and an extended range. The fuel cell unit is said to be twenty per cent lighter and ten per cent more efficient than in previous models, which would raise energy density by thirty per cent. While the world’s first commercially available fuel cell car, the ix35, reached the mass market in 2013 and offered 594 kilometers (369 miles) on one tank of 5.64 kilograms of H2, the FE or “Future Eco” will have an extended range of 800 (497 miles).

The design of the new model is just as futuristic. “The FE Fuel Cell Concept’s flowing form is inspired by nature and water – the car’s only emission – with the clean and calm design emphasizing its non-polluting nature,” it says on Hyundai’s website. The steam produced by the fuel cell is not only blown out of the vehicle, but is likewise used to control the humidity level inside the car. Mass-market introduction is scheduled for 2018.

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  1. Well… That’s it. Daimler has waited 4 years to produce its GLC, and now this model is outdated: the “luxury” German car will have 300 km range less than the Corean car that will arrive a few months later …

    Shame on you, European car manufacturers !


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