BEE gets new CEO in Peter Röttgen

Peter Röttgen, © BEE

On Aug. 1, 2017, Peter Röttgen became the new CEO of Germany’s Federal Renewable Energy Federation, or BEE for short. He replaced Harald Uphoff, who served as interim CEO after Hermann Falk left BEE in 2016. Röttgen had previously served as deputy head at the State Office of Mining, Energy and Geology in the German state of Lower Saxony and later as manager of the Energy Storage Innovation Center at E.ON until the company decided to split operations.

BEE’s president, Fritz Brickwedde, said, “Mr. Röttgen and his wealth of expertise in public service and the energy industry will prove a crucial addition to BEE when the market is transformed in the years ahead.”

BEE is an umbrella organization representing the interests of 49 associations and businesses in Germany. By its own account, it speaks for 330,000 employees and is dedicated to turning the goal of fully renewable heat, power and transportation into a reality.

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