Hannover Messe remodels Energy show

Public Forum in hall 27 – meeting point for all those interested in hydrogen and fuel cells

Change is coming to energy, industrial and transportation sectors all over the world. Everywhere, countries are looking for future-proof solutions to transform their economies into something more environmentally sustainable and energy efficient. Hannover Messe, taking place April 23 through 27, will offer them ways to accomplish their goals. The center of attention will again be the Energy, one of the five lead shows. This show alone is said to be attracting about 100,000 attendees to Hanover.

Hannover Messe goers were starting to lose interest in electric vehicles in recent years. The hype around electric transportation and the exponential growth of MobiliTec 2012 seemed like a long time ago. MobiliTec, previously the lead show on hybrid and electric engines, saw a dwindling number of exhibitors each time, so Deutsche Messe decided to replace it in 2018. From now on, this part of the show grounds will be known as Electric Transportation Systems.

Like the Renewable Energies section, which includes the Integrated Energy Plaza, and the exhibit space for Decentralized Energy Supply, Electric Transportation Systems will put the spotlight on infrastructure and the debate surrounding the profound changes to manufacturing and trade. Deutsche Messe’s Benjamin Low said that attendees would learn in the Energy halls what was needed for a sustainable electric transportation infrastructure and what the market had to offer at this point. The new show area would focus on the integration of electric vehicles into energy markets.

ABB’s latest products seem to fit the occasion, reportedly promising a drastic reduction in charging times. At the show, the corporation will unveil a fast charger to replenish batteries within a few minutes, equal to a short stop at the gas station for conventional refueling.

The thrill of a transforming market

There is renewed interest in electric transportation, driven in part by the multiple news articles uncovering some automakers’ repeated manipulation of emission tests and the subsequent court decision imposing restrictions on driving diesel cars into German cities. Many businesses, especially small and midsize ones, have begun to adjust their strategies. For example, ElringKlinger’s Peter Renz stressed that his company had been working on battery and fuel cell systems for years. He said that an automotive supplier rooted as deeply in tradition as ElringKlinger was witnessing an exciting moment in the market’s history, a transformation that would have an impact on the entire automobile industry. The chairman of the company’s board, Stefan Wolf, added that batteries and fuel cells, with their qualities and benefits, were both sensible solutions to upcoming challenges. In combination, they would be even more powerful.

Microbial fuel cell project wins award

2018 marks the 24th year of Hydrogen + Fuel Cells + Batteries, a shared exhibit expected to feature more than 150 organizations this time around. Tobias Renz was especially proud that two large automotive companies had announced booths in the shared space this year. One is Faurecia, a globally operating supplier that employs 110,000 people. Last September, it inked a five-year cooperation agreement with CEA-Liten, which had partnered with French automaker PSA on the Genepac® fuel cell project from 2003 to 2010. The other is Plastic Omnium, the new owner of Swiss Hydrogen (see p. 6). Together with Anleg and ZBT Duisburg, it will present a new mobile refueling system in Hanover. Likewise, Daimler is said to be showing its GLC F-Cell three booths down the aisle.

One more exhibitor coming back to the premises in 2018 is Eisenhuth. Last December, it won the German Sustainability Award in the Research category as part of a consortium including the Clausthal University of Technology’s Cutec Institute, the Braunschweig Technical University and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


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