Great Wall Motor remains in China

H2.Live/Card, © H2 Mobility

Great Wall Motor (GWM) did not join H2 Mobility as originally planned. At the end of October 2018, a press release stated that the Chinese market leader for off-road vehicles and pickups wanted to invest in the German hydrogen filling station network. Nikolas Iwan, Managing Director of H2 Mobility, told the FAZ that he had contacted GWM at the beginning of 2018.

Its owner “is fully behind it”, says Iwan. After a Memorandum of Understanding was signed, the Asians withdrew, however, as they currently had no vehicles for the European market, as it was said. As we have heard from well-informed circles, not all shareholders of H2 Mobility are said to have supported the entry of such a large Chinese company. In addition, there were fears that parts of the technology promoted in Germany with taxpayers’ money could flow off to Asia.


According to Sybille Riepe, Press Officer of H2 Mobility, the old Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) fuel card has no longer been valid since 31 March 2019. It was replaced in February 2019 by the new H2.Live/Card (see photo), which can be downloaded free of charge from and the app H2.LIVE. Since then, the necessary fuelling instruction has been provided via video training. In addition, payment by direct debit is now possible, and all refuelling procedures can be viewed online if interested.

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