Hopes for Fuel Cells under Trudeau Two

J. Trudeau, © Liberal Party of Canada

The overwhelming Liberal Party victory in Canada has caused a great deal of speculation in the Canadian fuel cell community raised hopes for a revitalized federal support program. The ruling Conservative party had bet heavily on oil and other primary resources, and lost when the nation’s economic troubles were blamed on oil prices. The Conservatives lost nearly 40% of their seats while the Liberals won an outright majority.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s platform includes a variety of cleantech programs, including a plan to use federal buildings, procurement and energy purchases as a laboratory for clean technologies, and setting up a CDN$ 2 billion green bank financed by federal bonds.


Trudeau made “restoring” Canada’s environmental image a campaign issue, and promised a big new commitment on climate change, including re-engaging with the international community, setting “a truly national” carbon reduction goal and supporting provincial efforts, including efforts to set a price on carbon emissions. After years in the wilderness, Canada’s fuel cell industry is feeling that its turn for federal support may have come around again.

Author: Robert Rose

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