Audi Gets the Fuel Cell

As predicted several times before, #dieselgate is the driver of upcoming changes at German carmaker Volkswagen. In March 2016, it was said that the Wolfsburg-based corporation would concentrate all fuel cell activities at its Audi subsidiary. This will necessitate a move of most of the fuel cell research, which has so far been conducted in the German city of Salzgitter. Stefan Knirsch, board member and head of development at Audi, told the magazine Automobilwoche: “This January, the task of corporate research on fuel cell engines was given to Audi.” And VW’s board of directors had supported the concentration of activities. The company’s employees in Salzgitter, however, weren’t about to give up on their job prospects that quickly. Andreas Blechner, chair of the works council in Salzgitter, said to the magazine Automobil Produktion: “We intend to bring the corporation’s R&D facilities for new engine advancements – in both fuel cell technology and battery cell production – to Salzgitter.”

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