H2 transport network in Brandenburg 1.2 billion euros

A strong transport network is a prerequisite for a future H2 economy. “Only so can the hydrogen quantities be transported that our industry requires,” also knows Prof. Jörg Steinbach, the economy minister for the German state of Brandenburg. He presented a feasibility study in February 2023 containing concrete routing networks to be established for various … Read more

Future hydrogen grid to evolve from gas grid of today

At the moment a fierce debate is raging over whether the current operators of natural gas networks should also be the ones to manage the hydrogen grids of the future. European Union-wide regulations on unbundling require the separation of network operator activities. According to Germany’s Federal Network Agency, “transparency and the non-discriminatory configuration of grid … Read more

Hydrogen on rails

Poland is taking an unusual tack when it comes to its developing hydrogen economy. Unlike in Germany, it’s decided not to focus on the production and storage of green hydrogen. This is because Poland is already producing large quantities of conventional hydrogen, most of which arises as an industrial waste product. The Eastern European nation … Read more

Don’t rely on just one technology

Lars-Peter Thiesen, Opel’s head of deployment strategy for hydrogen and fuel cells, has been part of fuel cell powertrain development in Germany since the start and has played a decisive role in shaping its direction. Here, in conversation with H2-international, he calls for a technology-neutral attitude to e-mobility that takes account of both battery- and … Read more

DZM concept under revision

Uncertainty still remains about what will become of the proposed mobility center in Munich. The German transportation ministry (BMDV) only had the following to say to H2-international: “The BMDV has, as agreed in the coalition treaty, put the concept of the German Center for Future Mobility (DZM) from the previous legislative period through a comprehensive … Read more

Environment in ecological discourse

At the turn of the year, the Biennale Internationale Malerei took place in Hamburg under the patronage of Michael Westhagemann, then economy senator for the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. In Bergedorf Castle from November 8, 2022 to January 31, 2023, 47 paintings created using various techniques were displayed – on the theme “Umwelt … Read more

Siemens Energy – Stock market sees the company on a good path

The integration of wind subsidiary Gamesa will still need time until synergies (supply chains, joint purchasing power) and cost reduction potentials become visible in good, or initially at least better, figures. Nothing else is to be expected. The increased loss in the first quarter (Sep. 30, 2022) of fiscal year 2022/23 (fiscal 2023) of 598 million EUR … Read more