Germany Prepares for Technology Rollout Program

Markus Staudt

There’s movement in the heating segment: Besides new entries trying to find their place on the market, efforts are well underway to ramp up the installation numbers of fuel cell heating systems in 2017. At present, however, the Technology Rollout Program (TEP) is still waiting for Brussels’ approval. To be prepared for the day the program comes into force, the Fuel Cell Initiative (IBZ) has reshuffled personnel and responsibilities.

The lingering uncertainty about what the final version of the TEP expected this year will look like means that market players have been primarily focused on reshuffling personnel and responsibilities. First, there needed to be a reshuffling of tasks in the fuel cell heating segment, after the Callux innovation program ran out at the end of 2015 (see HZwei issue from March 2016). As the end of the program had left Alexander Dauensteiner as the long-time spokesperson for this Field Test of Residential Fuel Cells and Head of Product Management Innovation at Vaillant Group without a proper assignment, he was voted into the management of the Fuel Cell Initiative (IBZ) at the beginning of this year, now heading the organization jointly with Markus Staudt, manager of the Viessmann Werke office in Berlin, Germany. Both men follow in the footsteps of former IBZ spokespersons Andreas Ballhausen, who used to work for CFC and is now part of the management at SOLIDpower, and Markus Seidel from EWE.

The IBZ has meanwhile adopted the new subline:

Center of Excellence for Residential Fuel Cell Supply

TEP still scheduled for 2016

Dauensteiner explained: “After 15 years of research and development, the industry has now reached the important threshold.” It means that the Technology Rollout Program (TEP) is still expected to be implemented this year. It is supposed to run for seven years, so that around 75,000 systems should be in operation in 2022, possibly leading to a sustainable market at that point.

Staudt said that there were …


EUR 500 million over seven years

Dauensteiner went on to say that during the NOW general assembly in Berlin, a representative from Toshiba had told them that Japan had …

SOLIDpower cooperates with CCTC

Until the beginning of this year, SOLIDpower’s staff still had enough on their hands with concluding the takeover of Heinsberg-based CFC. Frank Obernitz, formerly president of CFC, told H2-international that it had been possible to “secure all jobs and customers.” He, however, took on a position in February 2016 as CEO of Guidion Germany, a Düsseldorf company specializing in “energy industry services.”

SOLIDpower, headquartered in Mezzolombardo, Italy, meanwhile gained a foothold on the Chinese market by signing a contract with …

The first version of eneramic had already been presented at the HMI 2010

New market actor in SOFC segment

A new market actor in the micro-CHP segment is Ceragen based in Unterhachingen. The company from the German state of Bavaria was founded in the fall of 2014 by Oliver Freitag and Marc Bednarz and has been operating on the high-temperature fuel cell market since July 2015. Freitag, who was an important contributor to the founding of SFC Energy, meaning he originally worked on direct methanol fuel cells, is now trying his hand on solid oxide ones. The relevant expertise comes from …

Freitag told H2-international that the first version of eneramic offered an output of …

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