H2 MOBILITY Under New Leadership

Nikolas Iwan

On May 1, 2016, Nikolas Iwan became the new CEO of H2 MOBILITY Germany. Iwan had previously worked for eight years in different management positions at Shell. His predecessor, Frank Sreball, who has had his own consultancy for management and interim management since 2005, had been the one originally setting up H2 MOBILITY on his own. At that time, it wasn’t immediately clear that this was only a temporary assignment for the physicist engineer. The decision to replace him by Iwan came as a surprise to many market stakeholders. Officially, Sreball remains as a consultant on the project.

Much confusion arose when Oliver Bishop, a Shell manager, showed up at the H2Mobility Conference in Berlin in mid-April instead of Sreball. There, Bishop spoke in his capacity as general manager of Shell Hydrogen as well as for H2 MOBILITY Germany and mingled Shell and H2 MOBILITY activities in his speech, but did not say one word about the upcoming change in personnel, which was officially announced no earlier than April 22.

So far, both the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) and NOW have been in charge of setting up locations for demo projects. At the beginning of 2017, the responsibility for it is to be transferred to …

Thomas Bystry, chair of the Clean Energy Partnership, has recently told the Handelsblatt: “Based on what we know today, we expect there will be a commercially viable hydrogen market beyond 2023.”


H2 filling stations for Ulm and Wuppertal

Regarding infrastructure expansion, NOW chair Klaus Bonhoff said …

2016 or 2017

The carmakers said during this year’s Hanover trade show that the envisioned 50 H2 filling stations, which were supposed to have been installed by the end of 2015, will be completed by the end of this year – or the next one. Asked by H2-international what prompted the delays, Thorsten Herbert from NOW responded: “Nothing went wrong.”

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