Let Construction Begin in Switzerland

It’s getting serious in Switzerland: Swiss utility IBAarau reported in mid-June 2016 that it had taken concrete steps to let the project initiated by H2 Energy and Coop Mineraloel (see Coop Sticks Around – Axpo Quits) become reality. IBAarau has recently submitted a building application to set up an H2 production system at the company’s hydropower plant in Aarau, Switzerland. The plant is said to provide 2% of its power generation for the envisioned electrolysis system plus compressor station from 2017 on. The compressed hydrogen should then be stored in big gas cylinders before being transported to Switzerland’s first public H2 filling station. This Coop Mineraloel station located in Hunzenschwil has already been in operation; next year, it will have enough hydrogen to supply 170 vehicles.

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