EQ – New Daimler Brand for Electric Vehicles

EQThe Paris Motor Show seemingly went all-out electric: There hadn’t been so many electric vehicles at one single trade show for a long time. From Oct. 1 to 16, 2016, Opel showcased its Ampera-e (500-kilometer or close to 311-mile range; priced at EUR 39,000), the “currently hottest rod from Germany,” as car blogger Fabian Messner put it. Renault showed the Zoe with a large 41 kWh battery. And VW announced a battery storage unit for its e-Golf with an increased capacity.

Daimler announced in France that its electric vehicles will be sold under a new brand in the future: EQ. The name is said to stand for “electric intelligence” and, at the same time, make people think of the words “emotion” and “intelligence.” In marketing speak, this reads as follows: “EQ offers a comprehensive electric mobility ecosystem of products, services, technologies and innovations.” To be able to show attendees what this means for the Swabian-based company, the German carmaker presented its Generation EQ concept study in Paris. Ola Källenius, Daimler board member and head of the Mercedes‑Benz Cars Marketing and Sales division, said: “The future belongs to the electric engine. […] The new brand combines our entire expertise in intelligent electric transportation under one roof.” The first mass-produced EQ targets the SUV segment and is said to be available this decade. When asked by H2-international, a Daimler spokesperson replied: “Our large fleet of plug-in hybrid vehicles and future models with fuel cell drive will, of course, be part of the electric transportation division of Mercedes-Benz and thus of EQ.”

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