National Platform NPM Gives Hydrogen a Chance

Henning Kagermann

During his time as chairman of the German NPE’s steering committee (National Platform for Electric Mobility), Henning Kagermann seemed, for the most part, to be little enamored with hydrogen and fuel cell technology. Now, in his role as head of National Platform for the Future of Transportation (NPM), things might have changed, so H2-international asked him again about his opinion:

“Like the NPE, the NPM considers electric vehicles essential to creating a sustainable transportation system and meeting climate protection goals. Combined with the energy market transformation, they lessen the impact of climate change and environmental pollution and improve the lives of people in densely populated urban areas. Battery electric vehicles, or BEVs, are also the most efficient solution, as their round-trip efficiency is nearly 70 percent. But because there are some transportation tasks for which batteries may not be the most appropriate choice, we will need a broad product range that includes BEVs, which use electricity directly, and those vehicles that run on electric power produced during the drive from other sources, such as hydrogen and synthetic fuels. A great deal of energy may be lost when reconverting the latter, but they do have benefits, such as high energy density and great versatility. For example, hydrogen can be stored for a long time and is especially suitable for travelling long distance or transporting goods. Round-trip efficiency, however, is only around 26 percent, which means that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles use less than half the energy BEVs do. Consequently, members of NPM Working Group 2, Alternative Engines and Fuels for Sustainable Transportation, will keep an open mind when taking a look at alternative engine technology and fuels, but will likewise keep an eye on their suitability for a variety of vehicles moving passengers or cargo.”

Henning Kagermann, National Platform for the Future of Transportation

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