Science4Future supports Fridays4Future

Scientists4Future support Fridays4Future

For months, thousands of students have taken to the streets every Friday to call for a more sustainable energy system. Under the hashtag #Scientists4Future, scientists have now launched their own campaign in support of the #Fridays4Future generation.

The organizers’ core message is that the young people demonstrating against climate inaction have “valid and well-reasoned concerns. The measures currently taken to protect the climate, the oceans and the soil and conserve wildlife and woodland are wholly insufficient.”

Researchers of all stripes are participating in the campaign. “The question of how to build a sustainable society can only be answered by combining research in the human, social and natural sciences, humanities, economics, engineering and law,” read a joint statement on behalf of 716 supporters, including professors and postdoctoral scientists such as Carsten Agert, Claudia Kemfert, Volker Quaschning, Stefan Rahmstorf, Michael Sterner, Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker and Franz Alt. By mid-March, they had amassed over 23,000 signatures.

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