Where does electro-mobility stand?

Cover of the VDI/VDE study "Fuel Cell and Battery Vehicles"
Cover of the VDI/VDE study “Fuel Cell and Battery Vehicles”

Electric mobility represents an important contribution to climate protection and the use of renewable energies in the transport sector. VDE/ETG, VDI-FVT and VDI-GEU have therefore attempted to present the current state of development of fuel cell passenger cars (FCEV) and battery electric passenger cars (BEV) within the framework of an interdisciplinary working group made up of universities, research institutes and industry.

Electro-mobility offers versatile potential for improving mobility. Nevertheless, the discussion is currently concentrating primarily on battery-powered drive systems. This contradicts the objectives of the Federal Government, which provide for a technology-open further development of the National Innovation Programme and the Mobility Fuel Strategy (MKS). According to FMD, the most efficient drives are to be selected, whereby alternative energy sources (fuels) are also to be included in the assessment. The necessary infrastructures must also be taken into account.

This means that synthetic energy sources are also taken into account in the evaluation in addition to systems supplied with electricity. Under certain application criteria, they can also fulfil an important function in the transport sector.

With regard to electro-mobility, the fuel cell should be included in the assessment on an equal footing with battery technology. Discussions with potential users such as operators of fleets, commercial vehicles etc. show that from their point of view hydrogen-supplied vehicles offer various advantages that speak against a one-sided predetermination on battery vehicles.

VDE/ETG: Energy Technology Society in the Association of Electrical Engineering Electronics Information Technology e.V.

VDI-FVT: Society for Vehicle and Traffic Engineering of the Association of German Engineers e.V.

VDI-GEU: Society for Energy and Environment of the Association of German Engineers e.V.

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Martin Pokojski, inecs GmbH, Berlin

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