Kerstin Andreae heads BDEW

Kerstin Andreae
Kerstin Andreae, © BDEW

Since the beginning of November 2019, Kerstin Andreae has been the new Managing Director of the Bundesverband der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft e. V. (Federal Association of Energy and Water Management, BDEW).

The economist had previously been economic policy spokeswoman for the Green parliamentary group for many years, but resigned her seat in the Bundestag in October 2019. She takes over the job from Liberal Stefan Kapferer, who was announced in June last year that he will take over the chairmanship of the Management Board of the transmission grid operator 50Hertz, which then already happened in December 2019.

As a Green member, Andreae is surprisingly positive about hydrogen. She explained: “The energy source hydrogen is currently rightly called the all-round talent of tomorrow’s energy supply: It is ideally suited to promote the flexibilisation of the energy system and the decarbonisation of the transport, heating and industrial sectors.” She considers the provision of sufficient green gas to be a European project that can advance the entire local economy, which is why she expressly wishes to intensify the dialogue with industry in this area.

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