Germany’s NGO hydrogen champions

H2Süd Logo

Non-profit organizations aiming to establish a hydrogen economy are sprouting up all over Germany. The first was founded in Hamburg in 1989. HyCologne in the Rhineland region followed in 2007, and H2BX in Bremerhaven in 2016. Newcomers are the Wasserstoffenergiecluster Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and H2 Süd in southern Germany.

H2 Süd is a collective of businesses based in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. Founded in October 2019 by Andreas Seebach, the group is gradually stepping up operations. Seebach, the alliance’s president, told H2-international he has mapped out several projects that he intends to launch in both states. In contrast to the H2.B hydrogen center of excellence set up by Bavarian administrators and supported by universities, he defined his organization as a group of independent voices, especially those of small and medium businesses, whose primary interest is the exchange of information on and experiences with promoting a hydrogen economy.

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