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FuelCell Energy [Nasdaq: FCEL] has finally closed the chapter on its partnership with Posco. It seemed like a story with no winner.

While FuelCell Energy said that Posco did too little with the fuel cell technology it licensed from the manufacturer, Posco stated that it lost around USD 800 million because of the companies’ joint venture. It is now up to the arbitration court to work out a settlement.

In my view, FuelCell Energy’s carbon capture technology developed in-house will draw in other clients besides ExxonMobil. The company must have also launched an at-the-market program by now in order to raise over USD 75 million. The aim is to become less dependent on Orion Energy Partners’ USD 200 million corporate loan facility. At the same time, FuelCell announced the placement of more than 17 million shares, the result of warrants that Orion received for around USD 0.26 a share as part of a refinance deal. But while they may bring Orion a nice profit, the deal does nothing for FuelCell.

Still, I am inclined to believe these kinds of financial transactions will not have a significant or lasting impact on trading.

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Author: Sven Jösting

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