Plug Power buys Giner ELX and United Hydrogen

Plug Power stock is resilient. On the plus side, Plug [Nasdaq: PLUG] completed its USD 123 million acquisition of Giner ELX and United. It will allow the company to not only produce hydrogen but also start making electrolyzers. As I often noted, this kind of deal would be needed for an upward trend in Plug’s price. Moreover, the fuel cell supplier announced that it had received several sizeable orders, including a recent one from a new UK customer, Asda, a Walmart subsidiary.

But then, Plug again asked for fresh capital, placing new shares worth over USD 300 million or USD 10.25 apiece. The company is seizing the opportunity, though I think a price and a market cap exceeding USD 14 and USD 5.4 billion respectively is far from reasonable. I am aware that Plug has estimated revenue and profit to top USD 1.2 billion and USD 200 million by 2024. Still, I am wary of these numbers. At least, Plug is doing a good job at investor and press relations, having investors imagine a bullish trend. I would tread carefully, however.

I remain cautious because of the company’s financing methods, i.e., debt, restricted cash and stock issues, and the markets in which it operates. What happens once a larger number of forklifts run on fuel cells and are outfitted with hydrogen tanks?

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Author: Sven Jösting

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