Time to do right by future generations

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We could have had it so much easier. Everything we need today, we could have built and prepared long ago. But we knew, or at least suspected, that it might eventually come to this. The Club of Rome had prophesied exactly this scenario already fifty years ago.

Would’ve if? Apparently, we wouldn’t have it any other way. It appears that other things have been more important to the key decision-makers over the past decades. Instead of planning for the long term and looking ahead, the focus was on short-term successes and particular interests. We’ve indeed discussed sustainability a lot, but then went on to change nothing, or too little.

And we voters agreed and diligently participated. We have consistently given our vote to the very people who have vehemently pursued profit maximization and the supposedly good allies with their fossil fuel reserves. Despite sufficient reminders, repeated and unceasing, to instate more energy self-sufficiency, more decentralization and more long-term planning.

We have all agreed, sometimes silently, to the previous way of doing business, or at least have not done enough to bring about substantial change. We have tolerated decades of investment in nuclear energy, although this technology is expensive for the long term and in no way fair to future generations.

We have accepted that once again huge sums of money have been invested in coal and gas while the future-looking technologies solar and wind went bankrupt in our own country, when over 300,000 people had been employed in this sector.

We have put up with years of the automobile lobby playing for time, lying and cheating, and continuing to receive millions in state subsidies and make huge profits despite the diesel and emissions scandals.[…]

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Sven Geitmann
Publisher of H2-international

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