Electrolysis calculator online

The technical university TH Köln has programmed a free online calculator intended to make the construction as well as design of electrolysis stations easier. Prof. Peter Stenzel from the Cologne Institute for Renewable Energy explained: “In one of my lectures, the question came up of how to support construction planning agencies or industrial companies in the conception of such plants. Students and staff of the institute accordingly developed the Electrolysis Calculator, which enables an initial rough design to be made based on the outputs.”

The tool shows, for example, how many full load hours a planned system would be in operation, how much hydrogen would be produced and which use cases would be possible. The basis for the calculations is the relative ratio of electricity sources for operation of the electrolyzer. In addition, it is possible to specify how large in capacity the electrolysis plant should be.

Stenzel explained further: “To make the result more visual, our tool also shows possible use cases for the transport, industry and building sectors: How many fuel cell cars or buses could run for a year on the amount of hydrogen generated? How many tonnes of crude steel could be produced with it? How many residential buildings with condensing boilers could be heated for one year with the hydrogen or with the generated waste heat?”


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