New E License Plate

license-plateThere is the next step after introducing the electric vehicle bill (in force since June 12, 2015): Since the end of September last year, i.e., as long as the relevant amendment has been in effect, owners of electric cars have been able to apply for special license plates. The black E after the number on the plate could mean they enjoy certain privileges, for example, if a community has approved bus lanes for electric cars to drive on – a measure, however, which has so far only been planned for Essen. In Hamburg and Stuttgart, owners of electric cars and an E license plate have been able to enjoy free parking since November 1 of last year.

Harald Kossow from Delmenhorst was one of the first to put an E license plate on his car – a hybrid version – at the end of October last year. He said: “The introduction of the E license plate by the federal government was a step in the right direction, in order to make the public more aware of electric cars.” The Federal Minister of Transport, Alexander Dobrindt, calls it “a real standout.”

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