Free Download: Book About the Hydrogen Society

9783937863313Both the author Arno A. Evers and the publishing house Hydrogeit Verlag decided to donate the book The Hydrogen Society – More Than Just a Vision? to the worldwide H2-community. This book written by Arno A. Evers was published in April 2010 on the annual Hanover Fair where the author had established a global meeting point for companies and interested people from commerce and politics as well as science and media who are involved in the implementation of hydrogen and fuel cells since 1995.

Because of the visit of US-President Barack Obama on April 24th, 2016 during this Hanover Fair (USA is selected partner country) the e-book is provided – Download for free – for all interested readers who are invited to start discussion about all the ideas and topics which are mentioned by Arno A. Evers. Right now all printed copies of the Hardback-book which contains 168 colorful pages, lots of illustrations and also a preface from T. Nejat Veziroglu, IAHE-President are sold out. But it is still available as e-book.

The Hydrogen Society – More Than Just a Vision?
written by Arno A. Evers, published by Hydrogeit Verlag, Oberkraemer, April 2010
ISBN 978-3-937863-31-3, Price: for free

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  1. Sunday, April 7, 2019

    I am interested in U. S. sources for Hydrogen power to drive turbines for the commercial production of electricity.


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