Three H2 Filling Stations in Germany’s South

H2 refueling station in Sindelfingen, © Daimler

Germany is experiencing a further ramp-up of hydrogen filling stations. On July 31, two new ones started serving customers in Sindelfingen at the A81 freeway and in Pforzheim at the A8. The former, a Shell station southwest of Stuttgart, is in direct vicinity of the Daimler factory that houses the carmaker’s R&D facilities on fuel cell technologies. Stijn van Els, chair of the German Shell companies, said: “Hydrogen is a promising technological field. We expect this alternative engine fuel to play an increasingly stronger role in markets such as Germany, the Benelux countries, the UK and the US from the 2020s on.”

There is also a new multi-energy Total station, which was brought online on Sept. 6 in Karlsruhe. In contrast to comparable stations, it uses a Sunfire electrolyzer running on solar energy to produce hydrogen on-site.

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