Northern German Hydrogen Industry Network

Heinrich Klingenberg
Heinrich Klingenberg

Hydrogen is an oft-discussed topic in and around Hamburg these days: In summer last year, the city became the birthplace of the Hydrogen Industry Network in Northern Germany. In November 2018, it was where the economy and transportation ministers of the German states on the coastline met for a conference on a joint hydrogen strategy for the region. H2-international talked to Heinrich Klingenberg, the network’s spokesman and chief executive of hySolutions, about the organization’s plans and the future role of the city.

H2-international: In January, the members of the hydrogen industry network already met for the second time in Hamburg. What does the organization do and what is its purpose?

Klingenberg: Actually, it’s not a new partnership, but it continues the years-long efforts undertaken in Hamburg and the rest of northern Germany. The entire region is home to a great many renewable energy systems, while elsewhere, local governments still have to make the necessary investments in wind power. The objective of the network is to use that infrastructure buildup to our advantage and add value along the supply chain. We live by the motto of sharpen your edge, in that we could immediately begin implementing a zero-emission economy in the north of Germany while continuing to make optimal use of available infrastructure, such as wind farms.

This is not only a task for research and the private sector but also politics. The relevant departments in the five coastal states are currently drafting a comprehensive hydrogen strategy to complement the network’s day-to-day operations and back it up politically. It will help us build an even stronger campaign and exchange a wealth of information. The organization is not yet a legal entity but has established the right kind of environment and clear rules for meaningful and effective collaboration between all stakeholders.

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