Hydrogen Romantic

RomanticMany readers, especially those who’ve been following the hydrogen industry for a while, will already be acquainted with the name T. Nejat Veziroglu, also known by his decades-long moniker “Mr. Hydrogen.” Now over 90 years old, he rose to international prominence following his pivotal role in the growth of the global hydrogen market, including as the longtime organizer of the World Hydrogen Energy Conference.

Since the WHEC was launched in Miami Beach in the United States in 1976, it has taken place every other year, alternating with the World Hydrogen Technology Conference, or WHTC, in odd years. Both conferences are organized by international hydrogen association IAHE. Age-related health concerns made it impossible for Veziroglu to attend the WHEC’s most recent iteration in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2018 (see H2-international, October 2018). But besides sending a video message to the conference, he was well represented at the event by his wife, Ayfer Veziroglu.

“Hydrogen Romantic,” written by Ayfer Veziroglu under her pen name Anna Green, is based on a series of daily interviews she did with her husband over the span of several weeks. Drawing on her meticulous notes, she created a memorable tribute to the visionary’s eventful life. Although the book’s title is a direct nod to her husband’s love for hydrogen, the 276-page book offers many historical and personal insights into his time spent as a young boy in Israel and as a university student in the UK. The topic of hydrogen comes up about 100 pages in, as the book turns to The Hydrogen Economy Miami Energy Conference, better known as THEME. Organized by T. Nejat Veziroglu in 1974, the event drew 750 attendees from 80 countries. A spontaneous meeting on the first conference day led to IAHE’s founding, with Veziroglu serving as the association’s first president.

The book, which came out at the end of 2020, is available in hardcover, pocket book and digital format on publishing platform Xlibris. It has a simple yet elegant design and contains numerous black and white photographs.

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