Hydrogeit Verlag offers 25 percent early bird discount for H2-international subscribers

H2-international-LogoThere is a major information deficit with the topic of hydrogen and fuel cell technology – both in expert circles and in the public realm. There are almost no affordable English magazines that cover the research results from other regions of the world. The few press releases which are published on the internet often suffer from a lack of detailed facts. For this reason the Hdrogeit Verlag is now offering a new information service which reports on the latest developments in the hydrogen and fuel cells sector: H2-international.

H2-international is a blog and a newsletter. The newsletter appears monthly and is published worldwide via the internet. On the blog at www.h2-international.com news reports and technical reports are regularly published which provide detailed information on the latest research results and the progress of the developments in the area of H2- and FC technology. The texts are based on articles which appear in the Magazine for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells HZwei. This contains reports from specialist journalists and well-known scientists on the technical developments, the current developments and demonstration projects.

Most of these reports cover topics from German-language regions, although numerous texts are also published on international activities. On this basis, the US hydrogen expert Robert “Bob” Rose reports on the technical developments in North America and in Japan while Sven Joesting analyses the share prices at leading global fuel cell companies, and foreign correspondent Alexandra Huss informs on a wide range of other regions worldwide.

All of the texts will initially be free to access but from autumn 2015 onwards, it will only be possible to read them in return for payment. Those who sign up to an annual subscription until October 2015 can save 25 % by using the early bird discount.

H2-international – International News about Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
Publisher: Hydrogeit Verlag, Sven Geitmann, geitmann@hydrogeit.de

The Hydrogeit Verlag was founded 2004 by Sven Geitmann and is now located in Oberkraemer nearby Berlin in Germany. It is the first and only publishing house for hydrogen and fuel cells. The Hydrogeit Verlag publishes books, e-books, and the German Magazine for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells HZwei.

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